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Sorrow travels back in time. She comes to see the child. 

She sees abandonment, neglect and filth. A room devoid of humanity and dark as hell. 

She kicks a hole in the wall and the daylight floods in. 

The child is pale. Skin and bone. An emaciated animal, writhing in pain and empty of love. 

Sorrow smiles and takes on the shame and the guilt. She kisses the child and mops her brow. 

Sorrow can ...
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One Way Glass

I don't know how to help her. 

All she ever wanted was for someone to notice what was happening and for them to save her. Rescue her and take her away.

It never happened so she took herself away and got lost. She got lost forever. 

She's buried deep beneath the layers.

Beneath the snarls and the scowls, beneath the laughter and the the anger.

Beneath the drugs and alcohol and cigarettes. Beneath the one ...
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She can wring out her brain like a dirty wet cloth

She can see as the memories and the filth and the grime of her past swim like piranha fish in the sewer, eating up anything good in their way. 

And as she writes about all this it's like unblocking the pipes or pulling the plug and watching the dirty water swirl down the drain

But residue leaves a tide mark on the old tin ...
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And She Saw Him

It's hard for her to think of them as human until one of them dies
Until one of them cries for the love of loved ones

It's hard for her to empathise, sympathise until she sees them as equal, when one of them dies
And one of them cries for the love, for the loss of loved ones

And it's hard for her to see them as real, as people who feel until one of them ...
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She's gone bad

She's been left out in the cold and the dark for too long. 

She's lost all her colour and her spark has gone out. 

She's unloved and empty, her eyes only see darkness and her mind is obscene. 

She's unclean, stained and tainted, her soul in decay. 

She's prey, food for the monsters who lurk in the dark. 

She's hunter, craving for protein and hungry for blood. 

She's hybrid....
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A million words have been wasted on them that don't understand. 

The ones who don't listen, they don't hear what she says. 

They can hear all the others and the tales they might tell. But to her they are deaf they just see want they want. 

So she cries, she's a wolf and she howls howls at the moon. The madness takes over to cover the wound. 

She will tell you the truth and she'll ...
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Don’t tell me to act my age
When you are the one who put me in this cage
Darling you’ll never see my worth
If all you ever do is see me at my worst
And I could shine brighter than the sun
But you would be blinded until I’m gone

You think you’re so special in that ###$ up brain
I would never for you throw my life down the drain
Instead I’ll turn ...
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the chance to save my soul, and my concern is now in vain.

I must reverse my life to set my soul free and pass the cemetery gates- now I see the truth I got a doubt I can hardly tell am I on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell?
I'm not made of stone; hey I'm feeling tired sometimes that's OK. You flirt with suicide and I'm here standing hollow- I feel I've come to realise how fast life can be compromised, ...
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Suicidal Craving

A smile and a laugh
Your life must be great
The belongings you have
The family your full cup and plate
But past the shell and thick thick skin
Lies a cold black darkness deep within
It’s like a black jellybean covered in cake icing
Outside is beautiful but inside is writhing
With hate, darkness and despair, thoughts of death
Nothing brings me joy and love is nonexistent
I wish I could shrivel and die ...
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Bad text i wanted to share anyway :)

This is a translation of something i wrote. Keep in mind that English isn’t my native language and that is is the translation but i wanted to share zven is it is not perfect at all..
i also wanted to reassure you that i am not in danger, i will not kill myself like one might think after reading it
I am a dying princess
A fragile flower withering into this human mess

I am ...
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