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Extreme Nighttime Sadness

Hello, you may call me "K". we have been diagnosed with DID a long time ago. We have an extremely large system apparently. However we are having a big issue with nighttime sadness lately.

None of us seem to know where the horrible agonizingly awful sadness is coming from, but it always gets worse at nighttime. We tried writing, and asking inside, but nothing is working to figure it out. It feels beyond awful. It ...
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Ethics violation?

Let me see if I can provide enough background and context for this to make sense..

So, my son's mother and I are in a custody battle. We were never married, so by default she has full custody. He's 7 years old. In court, last year, I brought up concerns to the Judge regarding parental alienation, and other things. The Judge ordered that my son get in with a therapeutic provider until further order of ...
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research into nicer antipsychotic solutions

Nature's wide array of chemistry has some good herbal based chemicals that have an adaptive effect via in conjunction with the NMDA receptor instead of directly inhibiting dopamine and 5ht receptors with non nature based toxins.
Some natural solutions might have a non addictive calming anti-psychotic effect and actually be positive with regards to their impact on neuro degenerative disorders so there would be no brain shrinking and we're probably talking one or two obscure ...
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What is imagery rescripting and how does it work?

Hello! Please tell me more about how this therapeutic technique helps to work with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). What are its main pros and cons?

Fearful of Falling Asleep?? Somniphobia.

Do you like being in a mania or hypomania state? But when you go to sleep it could all end waking up with Manic Depression. Here's my story how I became fearful of falling asleep or Somniphobia. I've been off my meds and when this happens, I usually get manic or experience hypomania in which I can do anything even elevate to a higher consciousnesses. I vibrate at a high frequency’s that will make electronics ...
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an emotionally distant wife

My wife is becoming more and more distant. Both physically and emotionally. She doesn't seek intimacy and refuses when I seek it. This per se may not mean too much as this may say something about my sub-standard sexual ability. What is more worrying is her emotional withdrawal. She avoids close, intimate conversations, often shuts off. Thinking that she might feel underappreciated, I am trying to show her as much affection as possible: close touch, ...
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Looking for a new pump

I am a prostate cancer survivor and the penis pump I have been using is worn out after 6 years. Replacement parts are apparently not available, customer service wants to sell you a new one. I did and it is junk doesn't work near as well as the old one. I'm looking for a recommendation there seems to be a million of them from $30 to $500 and no one wants to provide specs for ...
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I'm ugly

The guy in the mirror is handsome though.
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The Pick Snaga's Nose Club!

Line up and start picking!
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Possibly Raped as a Toddler

When I was roughly 3 years old or so, I had a traumatizing fear of men that was honestly the worst case that I've ever had. I remember if I saw ANY man, specifically with facial hair and with other children, I would start screaming and crying and run to my mom and hide behind her. She would then have to apologize to the man for my behavior. This happened everywhere. The park, on a ...
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