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Possibly Raped as a Toddler

When I was roughly 3 years old or so, I had a traumatizing fear of men that was honestly the worst case that I've ever had. I remember if I saw ANY man, specifically with facial hair and with other children, I would start screaming and crying and run to my mom and hide behind her. She would then have to apologize to the man for my behavior. This happened everywhere. The park, on a ...
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Can you still love your incest abuser? Help?

Something happened recently at home that triggered something in me so I was looking on here and have found some helpful things as I can’t talk in real life about it.

When I was growing up my uncle experimented and did things with me including getting me to masturbate and suck him and eventually leading to sex. The thing is I loved him then and still do to this day and I don’t ever remember ...
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Bipolar Disorder/ADHD or Both?

For the longest time I thought I was ADHD just because my brother was. I didn't want to accept the fact that I was Bipolar 1. We seemed to act the same way, like increased energy, doing a million things at one time. We both became easily distracted but I talked a lot and interrupted others.

The sound of being ADHD seemed to be more accepted in society than being bipolar. My symptoms were more ...
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Any one had akathesia


I wanted to get off the seroquel and my Dr prescribed me Latuda, thinks were going great, then I started to feel an 'uneasy' feeling in my stomach, it was tough to describe but 'uneasy' and 'soul less' is the best I can do, I think this is akathisia. after a few weeks of this I got suicidal and had to discontinue the Latuda.
Latuda worked so well at controlling my bipolor and I ...
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Hypomania episodes accelerated thinking nonstop talking

Being diagnosed with Bipolar 1 with hypomania episodes has always caused excessive talking but most people were interested due to the accelerated thinking. Conversation was interesting with new ideas and off the wall topics. This changed after being diagnosed with metastasized cancer. I thought people were avoiding me because I talked about my cancer too much which causes sensory overload. When a friend or family member calls to find out how you're doing? What did ...
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I don't want to live with my stepdad

This all started when my mother was caught cheating on my stepdad with at least two minors both of which where my sister's friends. She has since then been diagnosed with bipolar disorder so she's working through both that and the law currently. As a result of all this my stepdad and sister are both going to have to move, but my stepdad wants to move out of state. I personally don't want to I ...
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Moon Knight triggered TF out of me (trigger/spoiler free)

I know the DID community has a spectrum of thought when it comes to Moon Knight. There was a lot of people that felt like the show wasn't accurately representing DID well enough, which I totally understand. Personally, me and several of my headmates were really enjoying the show because it was just enough representation to honor some of the positive aspects of this disorder in a somewhat safe and entertaining way, so we didn't ...

Hello (Trigger Warning)

***Trigger Warning- religion and other belief systems***


My name is Axaraa, I am looking for a DID support group online because I am suspicious that I have DID although I have not as of yet been diagnosed with anything.

I started to suspect that I have alters when I realized that a part I/we are calling Ariel made a realization that "Omg I'm a different person."

Ariel has a large interest in Catholicism because ...
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[TRIGGER WARNING] My mom's abuse

My mother used to sexually abuse my best friend and often wanted me to watch (both of us male). There were only a few times that she wanted me to participate but would seem to get awkward about it after the fact, so I would mostly be relegated to watching what she was doing with my friend.

This started around the time we were almost 11. He would have sleepovers at our house every weekend ...
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Rape? Or just attempted rape...

I was sexually abused by my brother for years, and I had a question about one incident that I remember. I'm not sure if it would be considered rape or just attempted rape?

I remember I was probably 10 years old, and he took me to my room and made me lay down on my bed. He then threw a blanket over my face and began to take off my clothing, waist down. I then ...
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