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Sexually abuse formed me


Im new to this forum and english is not my first language and it may be hard to express with right words for me.

When I was little my mother worked alot and she alos had her own issues and I used to be alot with an older couple living close to us. Normally after school but even evenings and nights when my mother had to work and it all was ok. I have ...
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Obsession over hands is more than I can handle

Hi all, I am posting partly to get this off my chest, but also to seek reassurance.

I am 27 and have probably had BDD for a long time, but only diagnosed within the last three years.

The obsessive thoughts have mostly centred on facial features, but for the past few months it has moved to my hands, and it is becoming unbearable.

I am a tall man with objectively small hands. They are probably ...
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What should I do?

2 years ago, I meet a guy at a bar we both were going through some hard times. I never thought we would become good friends, but we did. We know are living together and when we first moved in together we talked about starting a relationship because we both love each other and are best friends. Something happen and we decided to just be friends for a bit longer. A week ago, he told ...
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So I found out I'm not pregnant

I went to the doctor for a test and they told me I wasn't. Oh well. I guess I'll just keep eating doughnuts
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Maintaining Sexual Sobriety

I have been in SA and SAA for the better part of 5 years and I only currently have 3 months of sobriety. I recently did a "full-disclosure" with my wife and she was devastated (obviously) that I visited 200+ massage parlors and had multiple prostitutes. I relapsed multiple times of which I was caught each time. My marriage is holding on by a threat. Part of me says that she should move on because ...
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Metaphors to explain DID

Chatting with a friend I realized there are many metaphors that can be used to explain phenomenon found in DID and other dissociative disorders.

Feel free to add your own.

Persecutor alter: auto-immune disease. (Since persecutors are maladapted protectors who attack everything in sight, including the system)

Dissociating a traumatic event: getting a vaccine shot in order to recognize future instances of the traumatic events.

Traumatic flashback: allergic reaction.

Dissociated mind: the mind is a ...
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HOCD and trigger

I have hocd since last year and its first time that ever happened to me, I am 24 years old male and i get triggered everytime gay like thought appears in my mind. But I have been slowly recovering since few months back after knowing what ocd really is and how much it affects me after everytime I kept believing what ifs as kind of threat. Even though it's almost gone for me I ...
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How to help/react to a median system

Ok so I finally worked out that some one close to me is a median system. They themselves acknowledge that they suffer from amnesia, deralisation and depersonalisation, they have trauma in their lives but not early enough for did so they arnt did. They insist they are a single person but I have experienced them as 4 different people. What's more the areas/chunks of amnesia are different depending on who I talk to. They have ...
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Genuinely curious

This isn't a criticism or praise of the system I'm just genuinely curious as to why open forum post don't have to be approved by the moderators after a certain time and blog post do, I'd think the reverse would make more sense , I don't know. I'm just curious is all
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Best way to end a relationship

Regardless of the messed up situations I've gotten into,
I've thought about it and my partner and I are not a good fit for long term:

1. Despite knowing how important it is to me, he does not want to get married although he keeps promising.
2. He doesn't want children - not even to adopt. I've thought about and thought I might be okay with it but after a conversation with someone I've realized ...
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