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Need advice on SO's alter memory

Happy new year everyone!!!
I wish you all are enjoying the festivals!

Hope it wouldn't be too much of a bother but I would be so grateful if someone can give me some advice here.

My SO has DID but the host doesn't remember any traumatic experience.
Two days ago one of the younger alters shared with me some of the memories he kept by himself.
Now I'm not sure what I should do.
I ...
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Sexuality and identity confusion

I've long been fighting with my sexuality and gender identity and might need some help and opinions about it.

I'm a biological male and I'm physically attracted and especially I get sexually aroused by biological female. I've already tried to see if I get the same with biological male and it just didn't work for me.

However I do sometimes get some romantic feelings towards men under certain kind of conditions (good person, kindnss, something ...
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Trying to get better *TW* Sui, lying

This is just stream of consciousness word vomiting. Lots of self reflection and self-response.

I keep lying about something important I'm afraid to mention. I'm addicted to my life with the lie. I need to stop. It's hurting people and I have to stop it. I can't ever maintain a healthy relationship this way. I can't be who I want to be if it doesn't stop. It feels like I deserve death because I've realized ...
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Why did I do these things? What made me?

Okay so as a kid I couldn't sleep very well, so as a "remedy" I would, what most people would call daydreaming but I called it "pre-dreaming", and for some reason quite a lot of them would be weird and psuedo-sexual?? I was in like, early elementary.
By the time I was about 11 I was basically hyper-sexual I was experimenting with myself way too much for an 11 year old in my opinion. Mind ...
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Sometimes I hate myself

I hate myself, why? Because I always feel like I'm faking it. Sometimes I think about things (what little I remember) from my childhood and something feels so wrong, like somethings missing. I hate it because there's no reason I should feel this way.I know I can't remember much at all but that could be for a number of reasons, but for some reason my brain defaults to *repressed memories*. I know I didn't have ...
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Is this switching?

I'm fairly new to the idea that I may have either OSDD or DID, I meet all of the criteria in the DSM-V for DID except for the whole deal with having alters. That's the one I'm really confused about.

When I'm under stress I will sometimes "switch" (not sure that's what it is, but I have no better word for now). My mind just seems to shut off and "I" am gone but the ...
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Intense fear about being arrested

Long story short earlier this year I met someone on a dating app, we hit it off and decided to meet up. This happened twice. On both of those occasions we ended up hooking up. After the fact, I looked him up and found some social media profiles and it turns out he was actually a couple of years younger than he claimed. I'm 18 by the way. I confronted him about this and he ...
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POCD agonizing over something I did in my past

I know this is a compulsion and I'm really not supposed to do this. But I'm having a really rough time lately and I really need support. I'm not able to see my therapist at the moment so I need to vent. Please do not judge me for this, I am new and have never in my life viewed or actively seeked out illegal material.

I am a 29 year old bisexual female. I have ...

Therapist aroused by probing my fantasies?

I recently opened up to a therapist about an embarrassing naughty dream I had.
I didn't plan to but in the course of conversation it just came up and I confessed it to her.
Now she keeps revisiting the topic and probing it deeper, asking me to expand on details etc.
I'm starting to wonder if she's getting off on it.
She reassured me there's nothing to be embarrassed about and dreams can be strange ...
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