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Anyone else have this?

People don't look at you when they're speaking to you. I mean, people don't look at me when they're talking to me. And not just some people - all the people I talk to......

I've been noticing it for about a year now, and I just can't figure it out. I'm not particularly funny-looking, and I'm neither too short, too tall, too fat, or too skinny, and I have a shower every day....So I don't ...
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The fear of being in denial drives me crazy (TOCD)

Fear of enjoying the thoughts

I had TOCD once, 8 years ago and now it's back, same symptoms. It pretty much tells me that i would like to be a feminine/a girl, and constantly shoves me with images and tells me that i'd like to have breasts and stuff. I've been having the compulsion of wearing feminine clothes and my brain says "here, you like, don't you?". It feels like the real deal and my ...

Need help/advice with possible OCD habit/ritual

Hello everyone,

I want to talk about a habit or ritual that I'm struggling with for the past couple of years.

Whenever I start working on some task that holds a lot of importance to me such as studying or applying for jobs. I start having these thoughts:

• I'm not doing this properly or in an orderly manner
• I'm not putting my best effort
• I'm not working hard

These thoughts become overwhelming. ...

how to mentally relabel/recondition a situation/circumstance

(This is my first post, please feel free to edit/move)

Dear all,
I am interested in figuring out how I can mentally relabel/rebrand a situation.

Concretely, I am living in a city for several years now and the first five years have been really tough due to education/job situation (I have been borderline depressed and developed a anxiety disorder). While that is now past, which I am grateful for, I unfortunately still somewhat associate the ...

a there a link with hypersexuality/paraphilias?

I think this thread may have been something to have qualified for the now closed sub forum and I hope it's not breaking any rules, if it belongs somewhere else please feel free to move it somewhere else. interested to know if there are any links between hypersexuality and fetishes/ paraphilias?

from looking this up it seems that bipolar is commonly associated with hypersexuality, but I don't often see discussion with paraphilias or fetishes associated ...
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Feeling very alone. Does anyone have advice? *may trigger

I’ve been having these… I don’t know what to call them. Like a physical, emotional, smell, some images memory is what it feels like. I’ve never had sex, I think. It feels like I’m choking and being touched everywhere and like pain and sensation in my vagina, ass. I can feel my heartbeat throughout my body I feel paralysed. My throat hurts. I feel nauseous, I have a tendency kind of dissociate when it happens. ...

New member intro - massage parlor addict

Hi everyone. I am a early 50’s man. Married with kids. I started seeing prostituted when I was in college in my early 20’s. Even when I had a girlfriend I would still find myself occasionally maybe three or four times a year visiting either escorts or more commonly Asian massage parlors.

I will go through periods of time where I would avoid going but it seems like eventually I fall back into my old ...
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Guilt over Bad Hentai

I've tried to do this before but deleted from anxiety and crippling depression but I want to try again.

To start out, I've been looking at porn since my mid teens, along with having joined chat channels for sex but also for fantasy role play of actually fantasy type setting (to those unfamiliar think elves and lord of the rings or warcraft) but also doing dirty stuff in that. And when I say porn, I ...
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Guilt over restricting someone's freedom of movement

Some days ago I did something terrible to my wife which I have never done before (since we got together, ~8 years, not even before that). We had an argument over something silly and unimportant but I felt that she was making fun of me (in reality she misunderstood something). I asked her to please leave the room again and again and she always said no with some laughing gesture on her face which made ...
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Our Journey (Journal Thread)

Hello, I saw multiple users made one of these before, so I decided to make one for us. We have an extremely large system, although even I'm not aware of how many of us there truly is yet.

Feeling very lonely. Someone, or multiple of us are EXTREMELY sad. None of us know who are experiencing the extreme sadness, BUT the loneliness is experienced by A LOT of us, including myself.

I go by the ...
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