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Hi All,

I am really wary about starting a new topic about psychiatric forensics, but it may help others in the future and it helps me to talk about the process... so here goes!

Our first session was Tuesday morning when the doctor met with myself and my wife. The psychiatrist is a very sharp, no-nonsense kind of guy who won't let you make vague statements. He demands specifics and details. I have not yet ...
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My dad seems to want me to become ana :'(

OK, so this is not normal. Today at lunch my dad came up to me and asked if all the stuff I had on the table was for me (2 hot dogs and 1 can of spaghetti). I told him no that some of it was going to be either put in the fridge or thrown out. Well, after that he said, "You've been eating a lot lately, you better watch it." Now, how ...
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how do you know when it's time to recover?

I've had an eating disorder for 2 years now and just got out of treatment for it last week. I was in treatment for 3 months and this was my 8th time or so... (for other issues as well)
Hospitals have never really helped me, they just make me switch from anorexia back to COE. I've been contemplating recovery, but I'm doubting that it's even possible. also most of me just wants to go back ...
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Pictures Look at Me!

I guess this might sound weird but since I'm 11 years old I feel and believe that pictures around me look at me. I believe they can see me and hear everything I do and say. It mustly happens with picture of guys I like or artists I like. Now all the pictures in my room are of people not looking directly to the camera ...
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alone, pain, needy, helpless, hopeless

what i want and need is a father. a family, a home and a family. i dont' want money or a huge house or a shiny car, or big name clothes..........well, i do, but, just a home and a family.....

tired of an abusive environment, no privacy, no where ot call my own, no one to go to.....

i need someone to be ther,e someone to go to.........

but no one seems to want the ...
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A Request for Your Views on Online Support

Hi there!

I have been given permission to post here by the forum owner, as I’m looking for people to give me their views on, and experiences of, online peer support for mental health problems. As I’m sure you are aware this is an extremely important area, and it hoped that this research will enable your views to be taken in to consideration in any future inevitable developments. The survey contains 28 items, takes about ...
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After reading some of the definitions, I believe that I am a sociopath. I lie, cheat & steal for no reason. I have been married to a very loving woman for 30 years and have hurt her more times than I can count. When confronted about a lie, I always deny even though I know how stupid that is. I have ruined my life and that of my wife. I need help.
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Very Unhappy

Hello there and thanks for taking the time to read this. After reading several of the other threads, I almost feel guilty taking up space as my problems seem to be so small in comparison to some of the others posted here.

I have been having a big problem with feelings of "jealousy" and needing to be the center of attention. After doing some research on the internet, I found some sites on HPD and ...
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