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What's a Partial Merger?

When I was in the psychiatric hospital in 2005, I was diagnosed with Disassociative Identity Disorder. However, the doctors soon changed it to Disassociative Disorder NOS because of one difference. I remember everything.

The doctors said that they needed to merge the two personalities. Not knowing anything, I went along. I saw a psychologist for the next two years, and, as of 2009, I thought that my alternate personality Jeanette was gone. Either 2010 or ...
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Prescriptions and Supply Chain Problems

I get anxious in a car. That anxiety escalates when I'm sandwiched between two vehicles, or we are in a left-turn lane, and I'm sitting on the right side of the car. I can remedy the second situation by sitting on the left side of the vehicle behind the driver. That way, I'm next to the center medium, putting a bit of distance between me and other cars. I'm in a no-win situation if we ...
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Did I sexually abuse my sister?

With a heavy heart I decided to speak about what happened 10 years ago between my sister and I.
I've been overwhelmed by guilt and I even considered suicide.
I am a 21 year old girl today. When I was 11, my sister was 6. At the time I was a very anxious and sad kid. My parents were too busy to pay us any attention, I was bullied by classmates and I was ...
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Why do I feel like this and how to make it stop?

I am a great student, I know my stuff I tell you and have results to match. But when night comes a feeling of pain completely engulfs my heart, it feels like it is on fire, and for a very long time darkness envelops me, and then there and then I wish I could cease to exist...every now and then when I hear people talking and laughing in the distance I get very scared, I ...

Dear Anonymous (game)

Send an anonymous message to anyone in your life past or present.

Remember, no names or identities must be given away and this is a games forum so keep it light. :D

-- Sat Sep 18, 2021 6:38 pm --

Dear Anonymous,

The holes in your doughnuts are driving me crazy.
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Don't bring me down,

Read more : Don't bring me down, | Views : 517 | Replies : 0 | Forum : Just For Fun

I have a tumour

I'm actually OK though. I only found out yesterday so I don't know if its anything to worry about.

I had an mri scan on Wednesday and got the news about it yesterday. It's a 6mm tumour on my nerve sheath on my spine.

Was a bit in shock when I was told about it over the phone. She just rattled off loads of things. Basically my spine is shot to ######6 pieces but I'm ...
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We've found my 'twin'!

Yesterday was exhausting but I found out more about how the stroke affected me.

The protector who went inside has found my 'inner twin'. They were furious about us being seperated. After much deliberation the protectors/guardians have decided we will progress further as one and that she could bring other deeper memories to me if they get us together.

The issues seem to be some pathways have been damaged between the front of the brain ...
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Pretty depressed

I feel pretty depressed. I'm stuck in a rut and not going anywhere. I feel hopeless. I just can't go on like this. This is the worst!
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Intrusive thoughts during climax, need help

Sometimes is hard to ignore intrusive thoughts, escpecially when they pop up during climax. Then Arousal non concordance occurs, your body can’t stop the climax which supposed to feel physically good and Your mind gets all this intrusive thoughts, that You try to get rid of but they keep coming up and then ocd try’s to tell you that You have orgasm and you enjoy’s these thoughts. Even that You know You don’t enjoy them ...


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