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TLC is seeking people who need help or a lifestyle change!!!

A very distinguished production company is now casting a new show about people who need help, and/or want a drastic change in their life.

We are looking for people who have various problems and are open to letting a team of experts help them over a course of one week.

So if you or someone you know have an addiction, relationship problems, self esteem issues, a recent loss, depression, or any other compelling story which ...
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Can grief cause you to become anti-social?

OK, I'm going to make this as short as I possibly can. I've been experiencing a lot of grief lately because I miss my aunt so much and little things have been triggering memories and upsetting me. The only thing is, usually I wouldn't let it get in the way of things. I love being with my friends and I love just being able to go out from time to time because I don't get ...
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oh my god

this girl i used to hang around with in middle school...her mom died today...she killed herslef...what. like. im so scared. i cant even imagine how the girls feeling...i wish i could do something but i havnt spken too her for like two years. i hardly even spoke to her before that. is it appropriate for me to go to the funeral or would that be intruding
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HI. My first time here. I just need to vent, I think.

It's been over a year and I still have emotional breakdowns.
On March 30, 2004, my boyfriend was killed in a one vehicle accident. I was driving. No rhyme or reason why it happened. It just did. He was killed instantly and I spent a month in the hospital. It wasn't thought that I'd live, and when I did, I wasn't to ever be able to walk again, but I am. My physical injuries have ...
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I found out my exwife died

She died five years ago and nobody bothered to give me a call , I found out on the internet . We met when we were fifteen and stayed together until we were twenty eight . We loved each other , we also fought like cats and dogs . I have been a happily married man fo nine years and I love my wife madly . When I left my first wife it was because ...
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I want to know...

About 13 years ago my half sister comitted suicide with a handgun. I recently obtained her suicide note and really wish I could interpret or analyze her actions, but I am unfortunately not all to familiar with suicide/psych. She said in her letter that she shot the gun beforehand just to hear what it would sound like and utimately she took her own life. Could any one offer some insight? Obviously there's much more to ...
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The Possibilities of Pleasure: Why I Feel Like Getting High

I wanted to share this article which deals which deals with grief and addiction. I included a link because of the length.

The Possibilities of Pleasure: Why I Feel Like Getting High Tonight
by Max Gordon
April 12, 2005

Several weeks before she died, my mother and I had a conversation.

I was standing in her kitchen cooking dinner, which I burned because I was flustered. She was sitting in her wheelchair with a ...
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Another One Lost :'(

Well, the deaths just keep piling up for me. My neighbor, who I was really close to, died on April 7th. :cry: He was 64 years old when he died. I didn't go to the funeral, didn't really want to either because it was a school day and I didn't want to miss school and I didn't want my last memory to be ...
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can't get over it...

i lost someone a little over a year ago, but it was because i undermined myself into oblivion... i ruined the best thing that ever has and ever will come my way by completely sabatoging a perfect relationship which would've lasted the rest of my natural life. it's like i was a different person then. i was with this person for almost 7 years. 7 years they put up with my $#%^. i was loved ...
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Year anniversary coming up...

My grandmother died a year ago this thursday. She was my best friend, and my entire world..and I miss her more than words can express. On thursday I don't want to deal with this by myself like I have for her birthday and christmas... I don't want to get ill anymore from thinking about her death. I feel so alone, her friendship is what I miss most, and I cannot help but think that one ...
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