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Some Validation For Others (My Experience)

I am going to do my best to keep this as vague as possible, but I had better go ahead and start with a SENSITIVE CONTENT warning just in case. So there it is.

I just want to add some validation for others who are going through what I have been through and still struggle with. I have read a lot of book reviews and articles and such online that claim repressed memories are not ...
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Solution? help?

Hi I'm new to this (sub)forum.

I was wondering... Is psychotherapy the only solution to dissociative amnesia?

thank you.
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I can't remember


I can't remember most of my childhood. I'm only starting to recover some little parts and they've all been bad and scary. (bullying, abuse). I think my brain blocked out most of it. I was told I was bullied badly, got into fights and all. My past is a mystery, I want to remember. It would explain why I'm like this, my severe depression, the suicide attempts, self harm, distrust.
What really confuses and ...
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Weird stuff happening

Ok, it's a while i've been experiencing some disturbingly weird phenomena:
1) I go to the bathroom and find a water bottle on the shelf; i think "Oh, who knows what the hell i was thinking, probably had that bottle with me and forgot it in the bath" and i take it back to the fridge. The following day i find again the same bottle on that shelf... wth?
2) Yesterday night i wasn't feeling ...
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Dissociation and Self Defence

It appears that I have, in the past, been re victimized numerous times by someone very cunning who has taken advantage of my tendency to dissociate and develop amnesia. About four months ago, I became aware of what this person did to me through the recall of some very traumatic memories. At that time, I discovered that this person was living in a house very close to mine (they may have triggered me). This caused ...
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Has anyone ever told you what you did while you were blacked out/dissociating? I'm scared, I think I slept with a stranger. I keep getting all these memories that I can't tell are real or not.
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Could tis be my Mom

My mom can not remember how she disciplined us even says she never did these things and I remember her twin brother who has been on every drug,alcholic and seriously depressed can still remeber her discipline that she did to us but she cant but she is busy reminding me how I turned her in for abuse or how I was a difficult child. How I was bad to her its like why does she ...
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Poor memory?

I do not remember much of anything until a few years ago.

I do not remember anything from before I was 9, except for tiny bits of information. I can only vaguely what the friends I used to have looked like.

After that I have huge gaps in my memory, but I have a general picture. I have flashes of information in which I suddenly remember things.

A lot of the time I cannot vividly ...
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Flashbacks, Mental Instability, Lost Memories.

Hi all, first post,

I'm having a really hard time coping with, and trying to find out, what's going on with me.

This is the first time I've ever reached out to discuss this with anyone beyond my very closest friend, but I'm under the impression my mental condition is deteriorating. I've done very little research on the topic mostly because I'm terrified of what I might find. I was diagnosed with SPD (Sensory Processing ...
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I'm missing my life...

Hi all,

newbie here and 2 weeks ago I would have thought i'd have no business in this forum but after some recent events perhaps so. So about a year ago during a casac training class we did a project that had something to do with memory (funny, i dont remember actually). We were asked to recall our earliest memory. I was left with a memory of when I was about 13, I knew for ...
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