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Brother Diagnosed with Delusional & Paranoid Disorder

Started about a year ago my brother (17 years of age) was showing signs and saying things that wasnt making sense.
Recently about 2 months we brought him to hospital and was diagnosed with Delusional & Paranoid disorder.

He is in a state that in any cost he must not take medication.
We are currently giving him Risperidone/Risperdal oral 3mg in secret by putting in his juice or water.
I believe this medication is working ...
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Bipolar and struggling with psychosis?

I only recently admitted to having bipolar, I've been diagnosed for 4 years now. Whenever I'm manic, I get extremely paranoid and I get convinced that my boyfriend, who has always been there for me and never hurt me, is doing something awful. Sometimes I even get scared that when I'm talking to him, it's not really him, it's a replacement. It feels so real in the moment so I lash out at him and ...
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Help with DDJ wife

Hi to all of you. My wife and I have been married for over 5 years. For the last 2 years she started accusing me of having an affair and these accusations have got to a point where she has moved out of the house and is ready to file for divorce. She does not listen to reason and no matter who talks to her she will not believe that there is no affair. She ...
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Successful resolution of psychotic symptoms

after my wife quit drinking, which was a mild alcohol use disorder, she started experiencing a number of paranoid delusions, including a pedophile ring closing in on our kids, the community hacking her account to paint her as a racist and run her out of town, and me taking our kids and flying away.

there were no hallucinations or bizarre delusions, just believing a bunch of things that there was no factual basis of.

Initially ...
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help for a friend

so, for a while now, a very closed friend whom i've know for 10 years has been experiencing what i believe to be psychotic episodes. she is female, early to mid twenties. for a fairly long time she had reported believing people plot against her, but now she's has a very complex explanation of motives and honestly bizarre events surrounding one specific person she has a working relationship with. her speech has been confused and ...
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Advice needed on delusional husband

I just recently figured out that delusional disorder has been the cause of our suffering the last 6 years and is currently devastating this family. Reading the descriptions it is SHOCKING how it was like reading a detailed description exactly of my life the last 6 years. I never realized it was a mental illness until October when he had a breakdown. I thought “he’s paranoid” “why would you think that???” Trying to reason with ...
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The nature of delusion


All delusions are objective and formulated through subjective reasoning.
Consensual validatable reality should be valued more than a projected subjective reality that can not be persuaded false to the delusional. Delusional reality or manifestation would be projecting a subjective meaning and believing it to be the factual (objective)reality of what’s happening.
A Dual-subjective reality arises when an individual's mind interprets information and, instead of creating only one interpretation that the conscious mind can make ...
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Anyone on here right now dealing with DDJ partner?

I can't sleep. Divorcing my DDJ husband and it is so hard. I feel devastated. I know this will sound awful, but after all he has put me through, one of my concerns is a very selfish one...what if he isn't like this with someone else? What if it is just me? What if some wonderful woman falls for him and he treats her like a queen? I know that shouldn't be what I am ...
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Is it possible to break from delusions naturally?

Also how does one break from delusion? Is it an induced process from other people (doctors, family etc..), or do these beliefs fade away on their own?
Or does it disappear after a careful questioning of reality from the person who suffers from it?

Does it slowly lose it's hold on the person who suffers from the delusion or does said delusion disappear suddenly (as if the person has an epiphany)?
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Giving up on delusion

I’ve been dealing with conditional circumstances that had been staring me in the face and have hid under the comfort of telling myself that I’m delusional so as not to believe my delusions tell myself “hey that’s crazy” but I’m running out of ways to explain to myself “and here’s how that’s crazy” . If I wanted I could show people connections to many things through evidence. But I don’t want to do that, alarm ...
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