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Feeling like I was just born and in the wrong body

I was wondering if anyone experienced blank mind to the extent that it was like tabula rasa and the world was completely brand new and ideas had to be formed by reading other people’s ideas, novels, works, media. It’s like my memories flooded into me but they didn’t feel like mine because I was this new being.....overtime I’ve clutched tightly onto the memories because without them I was nothing, no self at all, no originality. ...
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Desperately need advice about husband with DDJ

I have been dealing with a husband with what I believe is DDJ for over a decade. We almost divorced over the summer but he decided to come home and asked me to withdraw the divorce, so I did. I love him. I have tried to get him help for years. He has seen a few therapists but will not be honest with them. He believes that I cheat on him constantly or that's what ...
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Help from a Survivor

Hello I am a former psychotic / schizophrenic whose overcome alot , anyone want to know how to become unpsychotic? Ask and I will tell thee <3
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Should I be afraid of my roommate?

This is my first post here. I’m not even sure if this is the right forum, but I meed some advice. Sorry in advance, this will be a bit long.

I’m an American student studying in China. I live on campus with a roommate, another American, who is also in most of the same classes as me. From the beginning (2 months ago) she was very quiet and somewhat lethargic, but neither of these things ...
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Day vs. night

I haven’t been the best over the last couple of years. Dealt with very significant medication reductions and changes. I went manic, I did odd things on social media. in the daytime I usually feel ok during the day but at night I feel like s($t. So I come on sites like this desperate for something that isn’t there. It’s not that things are all so bad or anything. I’m trying right now to keep ...
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A delusional person is fixated on me

Hi everyone,

I am new to psychforums and hope that I am posting this in the right place. I need advice from people who understand how to interact with (or whether or not to try to interact with) people with certain delusions. My situation is as follows:

I am a young female trauma survivor who posts online content for other trauma survivors. I have a bit of a following, not that big but pretty big ...
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What would you do? Wife has dd

My wife called from the psych ward. She has dd and is in love with tucker Carlson. She said that she loves me but is only in love with tucker. I am the driver and when she gets out she wants me to pick her up and she will go to San Francisco when ready. Of two
Choices what would you do:

1) pick her up/allow her to stay even though
She doesn’t love me ...
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Feeling depressed with DDJ wife

Me (32M) and my wife (30F) will be married for 2 years come this Friday and I am feeling miserable thinking of the options I have in front of me.

I did not know that a di sease such as Delusional Disorder Jealous Type even existed till I first found this forum when googling desperately about what could be causing my wife to be so paranoid about me.And I think maybe she is suffering from ...
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somatic dellusional disorder

i have somantic dellusional disorder. whats peoples experience with recovery? i had a lot of headaches prior to medication did you aswell? does it impact your life still? how is your concentration.
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