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Help Needed


I got married to this lovely girl last year in February. We dated for a year before walking up the altar.
There were some issues that I just chose to look over and initially even believed
1) she said a group from New Zealand ( where she had been a student from 2003..did not manage to complete despite changing 3 colleges as everywhere people were ‘ out to get her ‘) was hacking her ...
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Need advice and support on how to help my mum

So recently my mum has started to have delusions where she believes people are creeping around the house, stalking her, sending her vile texts and voicemails. When my dad or I ask to see the text messages she shuts off and refuses to acknowledge that it is not real. I believe recently she has started to abuse the drug ice, she has battled with addictions before I was born. I am now 17 and worried ...
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Really Bad Day...I don't know what's normal

I have lived with a DDJ husband, undiagnosed by anyone other than me, of course, because he lies to therapists, for 20 years now. He told one once that I thought he had delusions because he constantly accused me of cheating, and she said that wasn't delusional because that was a real issue. I think that people going through school to be psychologists and psychiatrists should really have to delve into this issue. I believe ...
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Help - this has now gone too far!

I have posted here previously about my partner who has DD. He has become very controlling and is blaming me for absolutely everything. To hear him talk I am the worst person in the world. I lie, I cheat, I steal, I collude with people to conspire against him, he comments that everything is a coincidence and can relate anything and everything to random things that happen. The more I defend myself, the more ...
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What to Do?

My wife is in involuntary care for psychosis with persecutory delusions, audio hallucinations and OCD. It's been 6 days and she is having a probate hearing tomorrow (monday) to determine to extend the hold. Her lawyer said if I testify for her to come home - the judge will most likely release her. However, then I am afraid any chance of her getting better is lost. Or I can testify to the delusion behaviors I've ...
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My husbands delusions make me the bad guy and I need advice

Hi there. So I’m recently married and I believe my husband is suffering from a form of delusional personality disorder. He’s yet to be officially diagnosed but the signs are there and he is going to see a doctor. I never even thought this was a thing and I always assumed his trust issues with me would eventually go away. But they haven’t. I should’ve seen the signs. I mean, I did, but I never ...
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Have been with my partner for 12 years..she is my light switch..she is either on or off..she is diagnosed BPD..I understand splitting..and can love her through..but DD is kicking my butt with her..she is convinced that I have taken over her phone..her Google account..bank account..to the point of she just has a dummy phone so I can control everything..it is so bad that she has locked me out of bank account..and every aspect of her..she ...
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I am the accused - will it go away if he meets someone else?

I am new to this forum and am at my wits end with my partner of 10 years. To cut a very long story short I have been accused of having an affair and committing fraud for the past two years. It started suddenly one day and has been relentless ever since. Initially he was manic and psychotic for over two months and he frightened me so much that I got the police involved. ...
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Need help with DD wife. What happens to the kids?

I am new here, I read many posts in this forum, and found a ton of useful information. My wife of 18 years is delusional, and our story is no different to many I read here. It has been 3 years since the first episode, when she was sure there were cameras at home looking at everything she did, and I was with our neighbors watching her (This happened after watching the Truman Show...) Everyone ...
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General phychosis thread

Can their be a general psychosis area on the site? While delusions are prominent in psychosis it’s not the only feature of the illness
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