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New Here

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure how active this site is, but it is the only CD forum that I have come across online so far. To be honest, I hadn't actually considered looking for one until I saw something similar on tv last night and figured it was worth looking around.

My name is Luth and I have been living with (motor) Conversion Disorder for about ten years now, though it took about eight years ...
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Hi All, sorry for busting in with a weird one. I wonder if anyone can shed light on something for me. I'm in a discussion with a friend regarding the case of Delia Knox - a purported miracle of divine healing.

Delia had a car crash 23 years ago and has been in a wheel chair and unable to walk since. Recently at a church revival in Alabama she was helped up and made some ...
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Hi, i was wondering if anyone else has had the same experiences when it comes to health professionals and cd. I am 24 and i have two young children, my symptoms started nearly a year ago when out of nowhere i had extreme pain in my back and numbness from my waist down i also experienced double vision, excessive shaking, water retention and tingling fingers and some numbness in my arms. I had an mri ...
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Terrible treatment by Doctors and Nurses

One time I went to the ER after having a non epileptic psychogenic seizure and was told to wait for a bed. At this time I didn't know that I had PNES and doctors were unable to distinguish it from epileptic seizures. I was quite distressed with what just happened and I think that was what strated off another fit. I started to shake uncontrollably and fell off my chair. The episode was short lasting. ...
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hi ....struggling

Hi everyone, was good (not good for you but good to relate to you) reading your posts. I have PTSD and after my Grandmother went into residential care, I started to have symptoms, I was diagnosed by my psychiatrist as somatizing and converting.....then a year later or so a doctor gave me a leaflet on fibromyalgia so i asked my psych did i have this she said yes and i knew i had all the ...
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a side order of crazy but true

I just recently got out of the hospital and ill talk about it more in another forum but i wanted to tell you about something that happened to me there having to do with the conversion disorder when i was there my legs went out on me twice the first time i was in an abandoned part of the hospital and everyone else was on the other side the staff came to check on me ...
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conversion disorder

I started with it last july I was given this diagnosis by a trainee psychiatrist in september, I wasn't that bad didn't have pain just felt really numb I couldn't walk properly. Was real scared, also very dizzy which I'd been complaining about to my GP who told me i was imagining it. Anyhow this trainee gave me diagnosis told me nothing wrong with me and sent me back to work. So of i went ...
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Just got diagnosed with CD

I have been batling this illness since 6 weeks into my pregnancy with my daughters, it is now nearly 3 years. I have impaired mobility, chronic pain, pins and needles on my legs, lackof feeling aswell as too much feeling which then results in more pain. Ive lost muscle on my legs to the point i looked like a wheelchair user. Every day my bones pop and crack and move. Sometimes i cant even go ...
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Review of Voon et al's Study on Neurobiology of CD



When neurology and psychiatry moved apart from each other around the turn of the 20th century, casualties included the many patients with unexplained neurological disorders. Many labels have been applied to these patients. Some are descriptive (functional disorders, medically unexplained symptoms), while others refer to a presumed aetiology (psychogenic, hysteria, non-organic) or putative mechanism (dissociative or conversion disorder). Whatever is the label, for some physicians these patients are among the most interesting and ...
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Might have Conversion Disorder...need advice

Hello. I just got off the phone with my husbands doctor and he said that he may have conversion disorder. Now let me back up and tell you the history of the situation. First of all, my husband is 28. In 2003 he was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. He had months where he would be the same, then his health and pain would worsen, then level out, then worsen. This is ongoing. Last year, ...
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