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I thought I was alone

I cannot tell you how good it is to know that I am not alone in this. I have never met anyone else with Conversion Disorder. I have been dealing with this for 14 years now, and I felt as if no one understood me.

My first episode came while I was in the Army stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I was in a Special Forces unit and we went to Thailand for a 3week training ...
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Have strange symptoms of intrapsychic panic

Hi, so i am not sure if this is befitting this forum. However read and decide, and above all, other than criticism try give me some input. I have been dealing with these symptoms for about twelve years now.

ok so aside from my mental conditions, which include ocd and another personality disorder, I have had strange symptoms in the mouth and trachea area. I posted it here because its essentially my fears of "sucktion" ...
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Anyone have psychogenic aphonia?

Just need to talk- oh wait, I can't! Haha!
Not being able to speak is aggravating.
Meeting with neuro in 2 weeks to get follow-up to confirm it's not neurological.
Speech therapist confirmed it's not physiological.
It's not selective mutism- I TRY to speak. I just... forget how. Nothing comes out. It's terrifying and painful.
It's also very intermittent. I can speak 90% of the time.
I just can't right now.
And I'm a huge ...
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is CD?

It's unfortunate that I have a condition which affects my autonomic nervous system as trauma does too and it's been a battle with medical/psychiatry since we completely dissociated ( 7 years) However due to trauma and DD both fitted and I was given multiple diagnoses somatization/conversion, fibromyaglia which links to both trauma and hypermobility. I have many neurological symptoms ; numb head with neck pain, numb eye brows spasm, facial numbness, weak legs can barely ...
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CD Diagnosis, but not sure - advice please :)


I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I'm here because I was researching Conversion Disorder, which I was diagnosed with earlier today. The problem is that, although this makes sense, I am not fully in agreement. I don't understand why more tests have not been carried out before issuing this label - I'm kinda hoping for some advice here. Firstly, let me apologise for the length of this post: ...
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Not Sure but Highly Suspicious

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the forum and have a concern that I need addressed, if at all possible. Over the last few months I've been experiencing symptoms that I'm highly suspicious of being, somehow, related to CD. I'm getting ready to go out and all of a sudden, right out of the blue my legs start shaking so bad I'm fearful of falling! It's a very weird sort of trembling and it feels like ...
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Have you experienced blindness?

Hi all. I was diagnosed with conversion disorder at the age of 13 and lost my eyesight in my right eye. It started off with a black line of blindness and transgressed into full loss of eyesight. I'm just looking for anyone out there who has also experienced blindness from Conversion disorder to be able to talk!
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My story with CD

I had non-epileptic seizures for three years, starting when I was 16. They would last anywhere from one hour to three hours. I would be convulsing but totally aware of my surroundings and able to interact with the people staring at me. I was hospitalized after two months of seizures (three a week) and the doctor told me I had a conversion disorder. All the blood work ups, EEGs, and MRIs came back normal, showing ...
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good website to explain


this is a Scottish neurologist who offers some explains for functional neurological disorder aka conversion disorder

hope it helps someone
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looking for alternative treatments for 12 year old daughter

I have a problem with my 12 year old daughter. She was misdiagnosed with epilepsy for 2 years and now is diagnosed with conversion disorder. We have tried CBT, physical therapy, acupuncture, she has tried Reiki.

Unfortunately non of these have helped her symptoms. She gets seizure like fits during the day, which get much worse at night, leaver her unable to sleep.

If anyone has any advice about anything that we can try or ...
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