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I cant Stop.

Hello. My name is Rachel and I think that I am a compulsive liar. I have had a HUGE problem with lying since the age of 7. I am 20 now. I lie about everything. Mostly I make up long, detailed stories either to impress people or to gain some shred of false sympothy, I have lied about being raped, molested, going to college, jobs, sexual experiences, ect. After so long of telling the lie, ...
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I am married to compulsive liar....need advice...

I dated my husband for about a year before we got married....when we decided to get married, I did so honestly thinking that he had quit lying to me. (We had a rough courtship because he was having serious problems at the time. He had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenai....although I see no signs of that now.) I understood that he had problems.....so I stuck with him through everything. Now, after just a little over ...
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I don't know why I do it.

A recent incident at a message board I visit on the internet made me realize what a complete fraud I am.

I make up so many lies...I'm beginning to have trouble deciphering between reality and the things I've made up. There are people and things that I talk about all the time that don't even exist. It isn't that I don't realize I'm lying. I know I'm doing it, but I don't know how to ...
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Last night i told some horrible lies,i upset and made people feel guilty,because i wanted attention-ive concluded that i lie for attention.

so today..like i've promised myself so many times beofre,i'm going to have a minimum lie day..and if possible a lie- free day.
i'm going to give this my 100%....
and if i fail-i'll be crushed.

i will try to keep you updated later.
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Definition of:Compulsive Lying

Compulsive Lying.

This person, not unlike the gambler, or the alcoholic, has little or no control over the lies he or she tells. To the compulsive liar, lies come out of the mouth as easily as truths, usually with little or no forethought to why or what the consequences will be..

Resouce: http://topten.org/public/BA/BA3.html
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Are these symptoms of Compulsive Lying

I never really thought i had a problem until recently. I have always known lying was bad and shouldn't be done. When younger I remember lying to stay out of trouble and then feeling bad for doing it.

But now it's different. At first I thought I had just gotten into the habit of lying. And thought like any Habit thru careful thought I could stop it. Well things got pretty crazy for a while ...
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lying fiance: but i still love him: HELP!

well this is my first time to write in here. i have been reading some and decided to seek some advice for my situation. I just recently ( a few weeks ago) ended an engagement to a man i love very much. but who has a lying problem. He has lied ever since we first started dating. I was not aware of this until i started talking to some of his other friends and colluges. ...
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Compulsive Lying

Here is some information about compulsive lying that I thought people may find helpful:

Compulsive Lying: Overview
There are a number of reasons that people lie. The first is fear. This is the most common reason that people may lie, and they are taking shelter from a perceived punishment. It may be because they know they have done something wrong a single time, in which case it is not compulsive lying. But if they are ...
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