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Just a phase or something else??

My wife and I have a son who will be six in a couple of months. Up until recently, he was an extremely expressive and loving child. By everyone's account he was exceptionally sweet and extremely thoughtful. Although he has always been careful with words, he had no trouble expressing his love for his family, particularly my wife, daughter and mother-in-law.

In the past few weeks he has taken an odd turn and has expressed ...
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Psychological Effects of Violent Video Games

Hi, I'm a high school student at rural area school and for one of my subjects I have to collect information on a specific subject revolving around a "focus question". My focus question is "What are the Psychological effects of violent video games on adolescents". My supervising teacher suggested I seek information from a forum like this. So I am asking if anyone has any information, resources, specific knowledge on the subject. Keep in mind ...
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Grandaughter feeling detached

My husband and I have had custody of our grandaughter since she was 2 and she is now 10 years old. Last year she told me that she felt like she wasn't here sometimes...that she felt adopted...but it wasn't really her. Last night her mom called me as she was spending the night there and said she told her that she "felt as tho' she was looking thru someone else's eyes" and that she was ...
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Ultra clingy, hovering daughter

My 9 year old daughter is healthy, smart and happy. I am worried about one thing: when I am with her she hovers over me and follows me everywhere around the house. Occasionally she’ll watch TV, or play on the internet, by herself, but that’s the exception. As a toddler she was like this, and I thought it was cute then, but she’s older now and I expect her to have some autonomy. She expects ...
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What could this be?

I don't know where to post this b/c I don't know what the problem is. Can any of you advise me as to whether I am worrying over nothing or if these symptoms indicate some problem (I don't know what)?

*DN is 9 y/o
*She has an articulation problem -- still pronounces "l"s and "r"s as "w"s -- "wun," rather than "run," and "wiw" for "will," for instance.
*She has somatization problems. Whenever she is ...
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i know this doesnt really fit here, but i wanted a place to hide. i dont really want people to read this but i just felt like writing here.

i let myself regress. i got paper. held the pen loosley in a grip like when u first learn to write. i let my mind go wherever it wanted and wrote. i became a scared little girl.

shes frightened. she needs somebody to come find her. ...
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My youngest son is adopted (as is my oldest). He was exposed to meth and Lord only knows what else after the first trimester of his birthmother's pregnancy (or so bfamily states).

He is currently 3 1/2 and clearly has some auditory processing issues and speach and language issues. He's in special ed right now and speech. The only official dx he's gotten is "speech and language disorder" which is very general.

Like any mom ...
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strange situation

I'm not sure really how to say this, other than just putting it out there as it is. I'm not sure how to go about handling this situation, The problem isn't mine, it's my daughter's. She's sexually reactive due to some inappropriate "games" from her cousins. I'm setting up an appointment for her with mental health proffessionals in the area, but what more can I do to curb this?
Let me explain what I mean... ...
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Adoptive Parents out there??

Just wondering if there were other adoptive parents out there that have kids that have been drug exposed in the womb. I have 2 boys and neither have a dx, but both have issues, both have qualified for EI and ECSE.

My older son has some impulse control issues, my younger son has some language and communication issues. I am on a special needs adoption website ( www.happymomanna.com ) ...
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old rules

Welcome to PsychForums.com!

The rules here are simple, this is an open forum and we would like to keep it that way.

Watch Your Language Please. We understand the use of certain words, but please do not go overboard or we will need to start censoring those words.
Be Sensible. Don't post more personal information that you are willing to share with a stranger.
Be Respectful of Others. Please do not post hateful or ...
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