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Exercise in Theory of Mind

The following text is an example of what supposedly goes on in a cluster B "mind."
What is that?

Permanent Linkby
I am a hollow corpse. She uses me as a doormat

I always thought of myself as a bit of a tough guy. I don't back down from a fight. I don't care if they come at me with sharped bits of steel, I stand my ground. I take what I want. ...
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How Are You with Understanding Implicit Rules / Norms?

▪How are you with understanding/knowing implicit norms?

▪Even if you don't care about them, do you still have awareness of them?

"Implicit norms are the "unwritten," and generally understood and agreed upon, rules that play a significant role in the lives of group members. These rules are informal and not official rules but most people adhere to them naturally."

"the implicit norms that have come to exist surrounding the use of ATMs; staying ...
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Mind Quiz

What do you guys score on this test: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/who-does-it-affect/men/mind-quiz

My Results:

Depression and suicidal thoughts

Life is good. You sleep well, have a good self-image and enjoy having fun by yourself and with others.


You're like a skyrocket attached to a stick of dynamite attached to a pound of C-4 plastic explosives.

You're just one tiny incident away from detonating with rage. It's time for you to get some serious help.


From what ...
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pretending there something there not.

it seems like a common theme recently is for the women of this forum to defend themselves by saying there not being something there not.

do u ever pretedn ur something ur not?

i like to talk openly about my experiences, but who i am and what im not isn't really on the forefront of my mind. i am on the everlong quest to find out who i am at my core, as my experiences ...
Read more : pretending there something there not. | Views : 3444 | Replies : 124

physical injury.

have u ever had injurys? what was ur experience and how did u cope?

a question several psychologists asked me: have u ever had a concussion? ive had two. i blacked out eating sht snowboarding and woke up at the bottom of the mountain in blood spilled snow. i got on the chairlift having no recollection of where i was and who i was with, so i asked the kids next to me and they ...
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Modern Day Jimmy Saville

justonemoreperson wrote:
ShaolinMonk wrote: perception of the other, and not the intent with which one may or may not choose to be recognized.

Perception is the tool. The intent is the goal. We use theory of mind on everything, because the intent of the other person is the only thing that matters. Understanding intent between humans is vital for our survival.
We perceive, or infer, motive from what we believe.

A man checks his phone in ...
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Prerequisite reading

On Philosophy
One of:
Simon Blackburn's Think
Thomas Nagel's What Does it All Mean?
Betrand Russell's The Problems of Philosophy

On Politics
Will Kymlicka's Contemporary Political Philosophy
Adam Swift's Political Philosophy

As a supplement on Enlightenment vs anti-enlightenment thought, Ian Shapiro's Moral Foundations of Politics has been turned into an online lecture-based course https://www.coursera.org/learn/moral-politics

This forum tends to make Enlightenment arguments on the basis of social contract (for ...
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Aaron Hernandez; psychopath

He had it all, million dollar contract with a world championship organization he was immensely talented and yet decided to murder few people. He eventually killed himself in jail... was he a psychopath, could he not avoid his fate?

Apparently he’s such a badass he’s been blocked
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Forgetting What's Obvious

Lately I've noticed a lot of things I used to dismiss as useless as they've not worked for me in the past, work. A really clear example would be taking medication regularly. I don't think it's abnormal to be unable to tell minor differences in the state of your mental health. Problem arises when they add up and solutions to any of them would make a significant difference. A healthy diet, enough exercise and sleep, ...
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Bull Dyke Misandrist's = "Psychopath?"

Seems that feminist author Mona Eltahawy thinks that killing “a certain number of men each week” in order to ensure the end of patriarchy...." makes sense."

“I ask people to imagine — now I’m using this word imagine, and I’m underlining it three times — a scenario in which we kill a certain number of men every week,” said Eltahawy in a recent interview with the left-wing, state-funded Canadian broadcaster CBC.

These are the same ...
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