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Reserve Police Battalion 101: The Real Milgram Experiment

• During WWII, 500 "middle-aged family men" were recruited to shoot - point blank - women, children, the elderly, and the disabled, with almost no training.

• They were told they could leave rather than participating in mass murder (included shooting infants in the head, day in and day out), but only 10% of the 500 did.

• Regular citizens
"dock workers ... truck drivers ... warehouse ... construction workers, machine operators, seamen, ... waiters.... ...
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Self Deprecating Humour

I notice people with Narcissistic traits and /or Aspd traits lack this ability.
I am surprised because it is such an effective tool to put people at ease.

''new studies have shown that a self-deprecating sense of humor actually promotes psychological well-being. Taking the first jab at yourself when you stumble alleviates that pressure. They may be laughing at you, but at least you made the joke.''

so, the question is

Do you lack this ...
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Original Diagnostic Terms for ASPD via DSM-I

The DSM-I's definitions seem haphazard - all the more interesting to me.

• Thoughts?
• Do you relate to any of these descriptions more than the others?

American Psychiatric Association's first
Diagnostic Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders

Pg 36, 38 & 39


Individuals to be placed in this category are ill primarily in terms of society and of conformity with the prevailing cultural milieu, and not only in terms of ...
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Manslaughter by text message

This chick got her boyfriend to commit suicide. Thousands of text messages involved. She sounds like a highly skilled psychopath. I'm having trouble though understanding the psychology here. Threats of self-harm drove the "mark" to commit suicide? Does that sound plausible? Surely there must have been more to this than that. Anyone have any ideas how this might have worked?

https://www.boston.com/news/crime/2019/ ... icide-case
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Substance Abuse Disorder

What's the info out there on people who are more likely to overindulge in drugs? What's different in their brains?
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Do you identify in people's ostracized, subconscious parts?

People are divided/ have an inner fight; on one side there is what they judge good in themselves, that is mostly conscious, on the other side there is what they judge badly, that's mostly unconscious.

I guess that you easily see people's unconscious traits. Do you identify with these traits? How do you react to the fact that people ostracize or deny them?
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Criminal underworlds

This was an interesting question from sarandipity in the politics thread.
The undercurrent of how the criminal underworld works in a country say alot about the country?

The level of violence used as opposed to well thought out logistics may be revealing. The motivation may also be revealing. eg. financial ? political?
The Irish, Italians, Russians have a notorious reputation for organised gang crime activity, yet the countries with the highest crime rates in the ...
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Politics and Crime

**TW I watched too much Pinky and the Brain as a child**

Dunno if this would be a topic of interest and it kind of relates to ASPD attributes because it relates to crime, power and strategy I guess so I thought why not think it out here.

The undercurrent of how the criminal underworld works in a country say alot about the country?

Most countries have very big, well networked home grown crime. They ...
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Can someone have ASPD and social anxiety?

I have a friend who seems to have ASPD in the Nomadic antisocial subtype. They also seem to have social anxiety, they have superficial charm but they also seem to have major adjustment issues with talking to people, they seem to get very afraid of certain situations which makes them leave work or school to go drinking. Their personal relationships are extremely volatile and they often do very malicious things and go into social withdrawal. ...
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Overanalyze my room

Post up a picture of wherever you are posting from so that other members can overanalyze it.
Bedroom, office, where ever.
Obviously don't doxx yourself!

This thread was inspired by a curiosity to see this camo sleeping bags @salles

If you think my office is boring, my bedroom is even worse. Literally just a bed and nothing else.

Nothing new to see in my pic but I suspect other posters have more interesting rooms with ...
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