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Friends And Other Mythical Creatures

I was thinking about this because I see people here talk about their friends, people they seem to have known for months or years and I wonder why.

I'm someone who only uses people and often don't see the point in maintaining any kind of genuine friendship with anyone. Once I'm done using someone I discard them. I tend not to think about long-term use. If you're no longer useful to me now then I ...
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psychopathy and adhd medication

I got diagnosed with adhd when I was eight
that and apparently oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder according to my older brother
my parents hid the test result forms from me so I don't have complete proof

but basically I'm sixteen and I just started adhd medication. I've been taking 36 mg of concerta. Im almost positive I'm a psycopath/have aspd. I haven't been offically diagnosed, a. because psycologists cannot diagnose anybody under the ...
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How this relates to aspd may not be apparent but its a new word that I learned today.

Been reading about the universe and all that and it seems to me that there is nothing more rebellious on such a grand scale than the universe we live in.

My new word of the day (correct me if I'm wrong) spells out to me the certainty of a universe that is slowly developing and at the ...
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My disposition vs. a psychopathic disposition

I thought I was a psychopath/sociopath but I'm finding the more I learn about it, the more I'm realising that my disposition is different from what the disposition of psychopaths/sociopaths is..

I'm not inherently disconnected.. I have empathy and all the normal emotions, but people think I don't because of my behaviour.. it's because empathy and stuff like that has different conditions in my world than it does in the world of others.. It can ...
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Left or Right Handed?

Just wondering whether you think this has any effect on a person's personality.

I'm very much right-handed. My left hand is limited to some fairly menial tasks, whereas my right hand does all the cool stuff.

Left hand: Half the guitar thing, holding my watch, gear lever, motorbike clutch, typing (not allowed near the mouse), helping the right hand, takes the prime spot only when eating crisps.

Oddly, the word 'sinister' comes from left-handed.
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My Enemies Enemy Is My Friend...

It's a bit of a long story about the happenings at my workplace and some of its a tangled up mess all mixed in with psychosis and paranoia but the whole place has turned into a sort of "cold war zone".

It's mental.

Anyway, because of this I've found that I've kind of bonded with people who I would never even bother with usually just because there is a common enemy...

My question is...what are ...
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I feel like people who claim to have empathy/guilt are stuck

in a f##king matrix, and they pretend to feel empathy and related emotions although they are no longer aware of it. I actually believe my own feelings and thoughts are the norm. I've had this issue for years. It's also just the fact that people are so hypocrite. One example is my friend, who sadistically beated up the brother of someone who once bullied me. Yet this person never cared about what she did to ...
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The pegging thread

Ladies, you seem to outnumber the males here so if you could run things and run amok if you like.

Who would you like to peg and why, I know atleast a few of you weirdos are into this so this is your thread to be you.
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I have a dangerous itch

That grows from an increasingly uninteresting life. Slowly overtaking my thoughts. What starts out as a fantasy develops into an obsession that must be realized, only quenched until some extreme behavior is committed. Something that makes me feel powerful, alive. Then the itch goes dormant until it eventually rises again.

This is why I do what I do.
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Mbti, enneagrams and relationships

I’m interested in how the various personality type indicators describe the people involved in your core relationships.

How would you type your parents, significant other, or adult children or other primary relationships in your life using either enneagrams or the mbti?

For descriptions of the enneagrams

16 types of the mbti

It should be ...
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