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I’m not sure if my issues with food are actually ocd

Hi everyone,

I had a couple of questions and I wasn’t sure if what I am dealing with is ocd or not and I was hoping to get some advice so I can know whether to seek help.

Basically, I struggle with feeling like food is contaminated with mold, bugs, or germs.
- if I see mold on a certain food, I won’t be able to eat that specific food for years (right now it’s ...

That's why

I was diagnosed as having AvPD by a psychiatrist back in 2008. I think I assumed that was simply descriptive: I avoid things, no kidding. I've only just found out that it includes a good deal of aetiology as well.

A few weeks back, my mother, amazingly, apologised for being very hard on me when I was little.
(This was prompted by her struggles to care for a close and currently very depressed friend who ...
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headspace? ***trigger warning***

We are curious...
We made a diorama of where we live when not interacting in this world. It is a very concrete place and we all have our own special places as well as places to share.
The T called this headspace.
Do singlets have a headspace?

This is where I think I might trigger someone.....

I once owned a slave who spoke about his submissive headspace.

Until T called the inside world headspace I ...
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How to deal with family members who neglects their health?

I'm really desperate to what to do about my *family member*.
She neglects her health, refuses to get treatment for a very painful but otherwise benign disease she has.
She agrees that she needs to take certain medication and supplements (one being highly suggested by doctors, like Folate), but just doesn't take them. Every time I ask she says "yes I'll take it" but "later". And later means never since about 10 years. She even ...

thinking bullies were my friends

i struggled with standing up for myself. at office, once i stood up to a bullying behavior by a colleague n some other colleague grabs my shoulder n says: cant u take a joke?

after that i stopped hanging out with them n not one of them asked me how are you...

often i used to think they were in right n i was wrong in being hyper sensitive.

now i realize they were ...
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How to deal with an NPD sister?

99% sure she is NPD, and or Histrionic. Maybe BPD too.
Very toxic behavior and a control freak.
She also has anorexia, or had it when she was younger, and she is ADHD.
She is the middle sister of 3. I am the youngest and a male. We are all older now.
She has to be the center of attention, always.
Displays all the Narc supply manipulation signs.
Ingratiates then will throw you under the ...
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Inner crisis

Hello. Today was a difficult day for me. I got stressed and I could not calm down. Some of the persons that live in me tried to help me. But after several minutes I rememberd my dead grandfather, I filled with sorrow and I thought I was 5 years old and I wanted to cry. The persons that live in me tried to help me and wanted to cry too. After some minutes, I realized ...
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Climbing OCD mountain

Hi all.
It has taken 5 years to realise it, but I may very well have undiagnosed OCD. Whilst no one here can say whether this is or isn't OCD, I am treating it as it.
I am a 22 year old who is a very high functioning autistic and has always had obsessive tendencies. At first it was about drains, then nuclear weapons/war, mario etc.
It did not affect my day to day life ...
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Do I have DID?

Hi Guys,

I need some help!

I have always known since I was a little girl that I was not alone in my head. I was sexually abused when I was 4 and bullied when I was 11, because of this I created someone to talk too. This person has never left, the name I know for her is Jessica. However, she never seems to front me. We never switch but she is always there ...
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I want to share my thoughts and possibly get a piece of advice from whoever reads this post.

A little background

*I'm a 32-year-old gay guy and I've been struggling for years (at least from adolescence) from low self-esteem and feelings of being lesser than other people.

*I have no past traumas and my parents are amazing and caring and they only gave me love and attention throughout the years.

*I believe I am an ...
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