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Doing things while sleeping

Has anyone experienced luna effect episodes, like walking, getting out of house, opening/closing windows, etc.? I remember when my mom told me that I was walking, while sleeping. And she told me that I was crying and shouting while sleeping (this was back in my younger years). I don't have any sleep disorders because I don't have those symptoms. Is there a reason as to why? I just had a Psychology lesson and my school ...
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Orome's Journal- Replies Welcome

Replies welcome.
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Newly identifying with body

idk if I even want advice, I just need to get it out. Our previous alter that identified with the body was co-hosting with me, he was on the brink of divorce with his husband and was struggling with being a father. After a fight with his husband that ended in him crying and begging to us to go dormant. I took over for the rest of the day, but when I woke up the ...
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Bad Breakup

My story is long and complicated. I am a gay man. I have been in a pretty toxic relationship for 4 years. A lot of bad things had happened and we had a lot of breakups and makeups. We just had a breakup a week ago. This one seems different in a few ways but the same in other ways. We block each other in every way. He started texting me a few days later ...
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I'm worried about how much I'm eating. It is a bad habit of mine but it is happening due to me staying at home and not having much to do and feeling restless. I want to go out to work full time but I'm not sure if my energy levels will allow it. I want to find a job which is flexible so if I have to cut down hours I can and I just ...
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Sleep Issues (mania or psychotic episodes?) And coping skils

Hello I'm newly diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type. I have ptsd and anxiety as well. I'm on meds but still working on the right combo. Unfortunately no sleep meds seem to work (minipress, trazodone, temazepam, lunesta). It often has the opposite effect leaving me anxious, agitated, and unable to sleep. I've told my provider and I'm waiting on her response.

Last night was my second night of 1mg lunesta and when I realized I wouldn't be ...


Does anyone have alters that regress to a baby . Because they want a mom. I wasn't wanted by my mom as a kid. And they want me as a mother figure before turning to the way they came. As adults.
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A venting thread for moi

I hate my parents, they only say bad things about me and is so tiresome to listen, there's not even anything to do about it because they also pretty much lie whenever they want. I wish I could move out soon...
I feel physically sick, my stomach and chest hurts and I feel something in my throat. It's like they are emotional parasites draining me.

Thinking of Monica's mother from Friends helps me remember that ...
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Is this normal?

Hello.l am worried today, cause its the first time that I dont remember what I did, One of the persons that live in me came out yesterday evening, and she does not remember what I did during that day and the day before yesterday. She does not remember what I said with my mother this morning. The only thing she remembers is what I did yesterday evening. Is this memory problem normal for someone who ...
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Lost so much money on a shady bussiness

I had impulsively spent big amount of money on my exfriends food bussiness out of False hope given to me.
This person decieved me into spenting lot of money so that he gets incentive by reducing his investment.This person spent only half the amount of money I spent on the bussiness.So literally this person was scamming me by providing false investment details .this guy thought I was little bit emotional and I am easy to ...
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