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Apology from Yuna & Juno

Hello to everyone

Can I just say I'm very sorry on behalf of myself and Juno incase Kit's outburst caused anyone to feel upset or triggered in a bad way. :(

We are very sorry and sorry I didn't see it earlier as I wasn't planning to come back on until tomorrow (lucky I forgot to order the dogs frontline and worming tablets and saw an email ...
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inflation and OCD/autism

We have a problem and very little idea how to solve it.
D. presents with a lot of autistic traits and restrictive behavior that she uses to regulate herself. In the past she has used restricted eating and drinking when she got stressed. We were able to shift. Because she likes numbers we asked her to keep an eye on our finances. Becaue we are poor her restrictive behavior in that area has benefited us ...
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Anxiety breeding more anxiety

Hello community. I hope this is the right subforum. This is about anxiety breeding more anxiety.

I am in my mid-forties, have anxiety, ADD and am diagnosed as autistic. About ten years ago I was traumatised by bullying as well. Luckily I am married with kids and we have a dog.

I live in a small, rural town now. I generally keep away from people but since I have a dog I have to leave ...
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Got your attention???? good!!!! This is Kit speaking!

[and us!}

with help ..from Bobby, Little Susie, Phoenix and Jody! ....

can I get to the point? ..

We are happy to temporarily blend to help others and share information....I mean 5 of us have blended to give me the strength to get out here and be able to just type this!

But we do not want ...
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My Elderly Mom Is Newly Widowed.

Last weekend, my step father passed away from Cancer. My elderly Mother lost her husband. However I need to be honest with you all on here if thats alright. My step father & I didn't get along here is why: The step father was a chronic substance abuser of all drugs from the time I was a teen. It is my belief that using drugs & alcohol in front of children damages them as it ...
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Help needed for high-risk activity


I am a woman in my mid-20s and, for the past few years, have been addicted to sharing explicit photos of myself online. I thought I had anonymized the pics so I couldn't be tracked, but I was evidently wrong about that, and now my job is at risk.

I work in the field of opioid addiction prevention. The irony is I have a completely different kind of addiction, and I am struggling to ...
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Just a ramble because it makes me feel better

So my BPD is a lot less intense than it used to be say, 10 years ago. I guess the one major remnant is my forming attachments to FPs, but in the past years, although they’ve come with emotional ups and downs, these have been mostly private feelings that I’ve learned to live with, and the actual relationships have been great, and when they end, it’s either that we stay close friends, but I ‘fall ...

Service Animal?

hiiI! I've posted on here a few times, this time with a question!

does anyone know how to obtain a psychiatric service animal? I think it would be really beneficial for my ocd!
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How do I help my friend?

I hope i'm in the right section, as I'm not sure if this is exactly DID or something else. I just need some help or guidance, and I hope someone here can provide that.

Over the past year i have gotten to know someone, that lives miles and miles away. We have never met in person, but he has become a very close friend of mine. He has told me about having some childhood trauma, ...
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Need help with Gambling debt

Hi everyone,

About a year and a half ago My wife had a stroke and I was not able to work for 6 months while she was recovering not being in the right mind I signed up to start trading hoping to make some money. Unfortunately this started a gambling addiction.... now a year and a half later I am trying to hold my self together.... This really sucks I'm glad to say I'm done ...
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