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Apathy and avolition.

I barely have it in me to give any context. I doubt anyone here is unfamiliar with conditions/symptoms like anhedonia, lethargy etc.. General thoughts on these things? How deep does your apathy go? How do you combat the lack of enthusiasm to do things?
I think sometimes that all of this is simply struggling to balance work and school. Be that as it may, I still have this profound tendency to put things off constantly ...
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still single 6 years now and counting

I have just had a dating experience come to an end.
Without getting into the specific details, I was dating her for about a month, slightly long distance and we texted every day, quite a few lengthy phone calls and we spent two entire weekends together after a short initial meeting. Although that doesn't seem very long, we really did connect or so I thought at least, found each other attractive and so on. Last ...
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Does it sound like DID or OSDD? (Possible trigger)

Hello. I would like to share my experience with you. I thnik I suffer from DID or OSDD, but my doctor insist that I suffer from psychosis not otherwise specified. Let me tell you my story from the beginning.

As a child (since I was 5 years old), I would daydream a lot. I remember having very vivid imagination, with sexual content, and in my imagiantion I was a man. I remember being confused as ...

Guilt over porn

oh boy, this is gonna be a long one.

Basically, I’ve always been pretty sexually active in terms of masturbation. Like, it’d be 7-8 times a day sometimes. I also started getting heavily into porn, during that age. Im female, just turned 19, and I never really saw a problem. Basically, I’d always been into anime & manga, Hentai yk the drill, ever since I was 11, 12? And pretty much masturbated to Hentai. However, ...
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Does Anyone Else Sigh a Lot?

I have general anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, and depression, along with Asperger's. Lucky me. :roll:

A few years ago, it was pointed out to me that I sigh a lot. Some people take that as me being angry, annoyed or bored. I've had to tell some people, "I'm not mad, I'm just breathing." It actually became a running joke for a while. I'm not sure if ...
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Hi - new and need some help


We're new.

We're having a super rough go right now and need some help, some advice, some feedback, and some hope we're not the only ones.

We're SO SORRY this is long, but it needs context. If you read, THANK YOU. :mrgreen:

We have two main issues at present:

1) We are having a conflict with our T. Our T has not treated DID before, ...
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Arik's Dream Journal (Replies Welcome)

Replies welcome!
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Questioning about my orientation

Good evening everyone,
I need help with my sexual orientation. I was born a male and I identify as a male, and when I fall in lover for someone (rarely), the person is always a female. On the other hand, even when I fall in love with someone, I am rarely physically attracted by that person. Instead, I experience something unusual with male bodies, which is difficult to explain. During masturbation, at the beginning I ...
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School stresses me out way more than usual

TW: S**cide, self-harm, anxiety, depression

Hello. I just found this website and thought it might be good to get my feelings out. I was not sure where to put this post since it fits under several different topics so I put it here. Anyways, the title. School is stressing me out way more than usual. Like, to an "unreasonable" degree. Given, it's not just school stressing me out, but that's usually what I tell other ...
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Questions About Certain Behaviors that go with DDJ

I have noticed that some of the spouses of DDJ sufferers have stated that their spouse uses drugs. There were also some that noted that their DDJ husbands were pushing for a threesome with another man. I am wondering how common those two behaviors are with DDJ men.
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