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My son believes he has schizoid personality disorder

He’s a diagnosed adhd but he is very undemonstrative, he has no friends yet can be charming when he decides to but its almost like a act, he loves me I know this yet it would never occur to him to say to me or show any affection I’m not upset I know how he feels he shows me when my bipolars acting up and he gets my meds. He isn’t particularly interested in socializing ...

Changing meds changing alters?

Hi all,

It has been a super long time. It is great to have this community as a resource. I wanted to ask you all if you have had any experience of certain alters being dominant based on the medication you are taking?

We have had a rough year, in deeper depression most of the year. We have been trying different meds to try to get a combination to work. Recently we added Wellbutrin and ...
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I would like to make friends

Hello ! My name is Celeste, the host of our system, I don't really want to make this long but.. I just really would like to meet new people! So, introduce yourself and I'll say hi !
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Gaming for memory recovery?


I was reading the stroke forum the other night and someone mentioned they had used a game called 'Mine Craft' ..?? to help recover their memory and spatial skills.

Without giving any of their details they basically had initially been unable to find their way back to the start point or read the map but after several months playing their memory significantly improved and they could remember the route between several of their ermm..places, ...
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Sexual Addiction Controls Me

I am now 20. This started in high school and a desire to rebel from everything associated with my Mom. I would buy inappropriate clothes for my age and leave home in normal clothes and change once I got to school. I flirted and ended up having inappropriate sex frequently. I would cry and cry over this. I wanted to stop but I wanted to rebel. I felt like if I acted slutty then I ...
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Abilify erectile dysfunction

I am on psychiatric meds for 16 years now.
I was given antipsychotics before, during and after hospitalization, but i would eventually stopped taking it.
I was on antidepressants for 10years with no psychosis, but they completely killed my libido.
I never had erectile problems.

2019 i was hospitalized and given Abilify for rhe first time, and i was taking it...since the erections started to get weaker, my junk shrunk, i ejaculate almost nothing, ...
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delusional jealousy in Spouse??

Hello All ,

My husband as recently started accusing me of anal sex with our tenants and neighbors and sometimes says I am having threesomes and more with them. He told me that he has a video of me doing porn with a guy and when he called this mystery man confessed to him it was me and him that made the video together. I asked if I could see this video but for some ...
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Hyper Realism

I understand why receiving messages from my subconscious mind is essential and why I needed an alter to release emotions I wasn't otherwise able to express. What's the purpose of having a hyper-realistic inner world?

We already went to great lengths discussing what I remember about Samantha's funeral, but I bring it up again as one example of the great lengths my subconscious mind went to create a realistic inner world. We also discussed how ...
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My Boyfriend is a Narcissist

Ok, so I have been with my boyfriend for about three months now. I'm going to start by talking about how we met, and how it started, then progressively is falling apart.

So, i met him through his best friend. He walked in the door, and I was immediately in love. There were sparks, he was the only one in the room. I prayed that night and two nights after that, that God would let ...
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Loud noises when falling asleep

Exploding Head Syndrome


Anyone else ever experience that? I can't say for sure, but I believe it has happened to me. I was drifting to sleep, while very short on sleep, and while under similar conditions I've often experienced Hypnic Jerks,

I've never experienced this before. It was as if a small-caliber handgun had been fired near my head. Very jarring ...
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