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Need help with Gambling debt

Hi everyone,

About a year and a half ago My wife had a stroke and I was not able to work for 6 months while she was recovering not being in the right mind I signed up to start trading hoping to make some money. Unfortunately this started a gambling addiction.... now a year and a half later I am trying to hold my self together.... This really sucks I'm glad to say I'm done ...
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My new doctor refuses to "diagnose"

My pdoc diagnosed me as suffering from Cyclothymia but my new doctor is wishy washy on this and inferred that I might be bp 2. Now, it really makes no difference but - well it should not but still. I tried to get a new pdoc but my insurance won't let me (after the horrendous amount we pay)... what am I to do (nothing?)
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Getting off Depakote

After a year or so I am giving my liver a break(vacation). I have gained weight lost hair and no visible effect. I am tapering slowly but surely. I am still on occasional thorazine to sleep and agitation (if).
I hope this is not a trigger, do not follow me cause people are different with different needs and severity of illness.
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Struggling from my anxieties (long txt)

Hiii! I'm not new here but I had to make a new account since I forgot what my previous one was called.

I've posted my story on *mod edit* and have not received much response so I thought I'd give this site a try again.

This is kind of a long story so here goes nothing!:

Suffering from my anxieties (long txt)

I've suffered with anxiety all my life but a lot of changes have ...
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Losing track of day

I go through a day with little stress and at the night I got this feeling that all the rest of the day was not lived.it feels like I just got awake from a sleep at night but it was not sleep I was awake all during the day..thsi sort of lose of sequence is happening often and it's making me depressed and also afraid of my own stability..I think it was mainly due to ...
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Porn addiction lost job,lost dignity

I am addicted to porn and it has become strong to a point that I cannot keep a job for atleast 2 months because I want to take leaves and watch porn.I create fake reasons to sit at my home and binge all day in porn sites and when my supervisor call me I create fake certificates to take leaves.and also I started to create problems with family memebrs I don't want anyone to stay ...
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How to admit and move on???

I was on this forum almost three years ago saying that it is the beginning of my new life as I am quitting gambling blah blah blah...

Almost three years later and after spending all my life savings and half of 401k on sportbooks (almost $100K) now I am in a very dark spot in my life..

There is not a single second goes by in my day that I am embarrassed of what I ...
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Asking young parts to handle difficult things in therapy

To give some background info: our goal is integration and eventually fusion. We have been working with pur T for some years now and seem to be making progress. Internal communication is smoother, we rarely lose time anymore, daily life has gotten easier, and we have less flashbacks and trauma symptoms than we used to have.

We do, however, struggle a lot with allowing the T to help us. Real-time progress that is made together ...

I've never had COVID as far as I know

But like, the one time my doctor thought I had it, like, it was either early this year or late last year, I got 13 days off work, ten of them being paid. I was already fully vaccinated and like, I tested negative twice, but company policy still said I had to take time off. It was amazing. First three or four days I was super tired and felt like I got hit by a ...
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i dont know how to act

ok i dont know if i have aspergers iv always suspected i might have anyways the problem iv been having is with socializing. for example, i would keep a journal and just jot down things iv learned in life. and i learned that your thoughts/mind controls your actions/behavior so im watching my thoughts (because iv been dealing with depression and i dont want a negative thought to influence a negative action and i also thought ...
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