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I did get pregnant!

But I thought I was giving birth to a doughnut, not an egg!
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What song are you listening to right now?

Assuming I'm not the only music lover who listens to music while browsing online, share what song you're listening to at this very moment. :)
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Apps For Intercommunication?

Is anyone aware of any apps which would allow our selves to communicate better with one another?
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Medication and spending

So I learnt at age 30 I had adhd
It all came to the surface when I lost my job as a result of some addictions I had formed...
Now my psych at the time put me on medication to help with staying awake and focused.. but not specifically for adhd....

4 years later I found out a month and a half ago I should be on ritalin or dexamphetamine
That it is significantly going ...
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Divorcing a narc, what to expect

Hello you all, I am seeking help!
Pardon me this is going to be a long thread with much detail.
My husband and I got married 20 years ago after 1 year of long distance dating. We have a 30 year age gap, I moved to his country because he didn't want to live in mine.
The marriage was full of rollercoasters since the beginning. My husband lacked boundaries. Every time we had an argument ...
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I grew up with racist bullying

I'm Native American and when I was a little girl, I would get kids in school making fun of me for it. They'd do the stereotypical whooping while dancing around me and call me names like "wagon burner" and "savage". To this day, whenever I see someone doing that stupid war whoop thing, I get triggered. It's highly offensive to me because it brings flashbacks of those kids who'd tease me. ...
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I am happy a friend recommended this place to me. i think I may find some help here or at least a greater understanding of some of my behaviors and masturbation addiction. It is also helpful to read about others sexual activity and abuse when they were children, I never really talked about it before as I didnt think it was a problem for me until recently. Anyways I am happy to be a member.
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Masturbation addiction

Hi, I posted a message in the sexual abuse section, but wanted to place a message here. Maybe someone can help me. I sometimes think I masturbate too much and I think too much about some of the memories as a child being molested. He and his friend mostly went real slow with me, grooming me and conditioning me to open mouth kiss him while they masturbated me. *mod edit* I was happy then, I ...
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Anxiety attacks for no reason

I don't usually get anxiety attacks, but when they happen, they happen for no reason! :o No reason that I know of. Suddenly, I'll just get the feeling like I'm not breathing right. Then panic sets in and I'll be sitting there trying to keep it together. The first time I had one was two years ago. I was so convinced something was wrong with me that ...
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So, what kind of music does everyone like?

I'm a big music freak and will listen to pretty much anything! If I had to pick a favorite genre, I'd have to say alternative. My favorite band is the Foo Fighters! 8)
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