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Mbti, enneagrams and relationships

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Re: Mbti, enneagrams and relationships

Postby justonemoreperson » Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:40 am

Greebo wrote:When I was babysitting his kids over the summer holidays I kept threatening to sell them to an east European sex trafficker,

This is my type of communication, which obviously has to be done dead-pan.

My cousin used to ask me to look after their kids when they were little. I used to wait for them to go to sleep and then take pictures of them holding bongs, empty whiskey bottles, packs of smokes and then photoshop them on the edge of high walls etc. Then I'd send them the pictures while they were still out.

Kinda like: "You must be having desert about now, so here's a photo of your son holding a razor-sharp, two-foot machete and a glimpse of what your daughter would look like with a Hitler moustache and swastika on her head."
I'm not arguing; I'm explaining why I'm right.
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Re: Mbti, enneagrams and relationships

Postby Reaper » Thu Nov 14, 2019 10:33 am

My daughter and her boyfriend took the mbti. She got INFP-A and he got INFP-T.

I could have sworn she got ISTP when she took the test years ago. People can change over time I suppose, so there could be any number of reasons why her results may have changed.
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Re: Mbti, enneagrams and relationships

Postby Squaredonutwheels » Sat Nov 16, 2019 10:16 am

Greebo wrote:
Squaredonutwheels wrote:Interesting how your mentors have two 3's where as the clan seems to be balanced with a little helping of everything except 3's. It gives the impression that the clan isn't achievement focused but having some kind of stable balance as it's core values.
Also you're the only 1 in the clan other than your family.

It’s probably an issue of group culture.

They’re quite a rough and ready bunch with a tendency to be scathing of anything that smells to much of pretence. Katie in particular has a tendency to be downright savage when presented with anything resembling ego fluffing. As a individuals we’re all quite disparate so there isn’t actually a lot to compete over. We’re also not a group which needs to agree with itself either, the ground state seems to be the debate.

The manner of communication tends both backward and harsher than some people are comfortable with. If I’m walking down the street with Doormatt I might turn to him and say in mock exasperation “You know, I f*cking hate you” to which he’d probably grin and say “I know” before going off at a tangent about how it’s his purpose to make me miserable like a short Irish version of poe’s raven. But the whole communication is actually an expression of affection. When I was babysitting his kids over the summer holidays I kept threatening to sell them to an east European sex trafficker, which in actuality was me saying that I’d take care of them and get things organised whenever he expressed anxiety about them (he’s a single parent, this happens a lot). I mean the group will express affection to each other directly in quieter moments, more so than most other groups I’ve encountered, but we’ve been light heartedly insulting and trolling each other since Doormatt, Strange, Lu, Katie and I were at school. It’s probably fairly normal

In some ways I suspect the bickering, trolling and general asshatery is what prevents the various relationships getting stale or disagreements becoming serious.

However a 3 who needs to be viewed in a certain way, a 1 with very fixed opinions on the subject of social interactions or people generally who need others to be ‘nice’ all the time will likely find them abrasive.

I enjoy these posts of yours.

I find it interesting that the enneagram quizzes, and eight and vinnie recon you're a 1 or 2. I disagree with them.

The wealth of detail, authenticity and self indulgence/expression make it seem like you're a more a 4.
That makes more sense because in the link you shared it says that a 4 becomes a 1 when disintegrating, 2 when integrating which means at the core you're actually a 4 that shows traits of a 1 and 2 because you're more or less constantly in flux.

I wonder if when stressed; inorder to contain the upsedaisey tipsey turnvey you becomes more rigid.
And when you're more integrating you're more helpful. But even your rigidity and helpfulness has a unique self expression at the core.

Which makes me wonder if someone is (dis)integrating, they could cycle through 1-4-2-8-5-7-1 if they live long enough and be all the types at some point in their life. That leaves the 6-3-9 which form the trinity centre of people whose identity exists solely in external ie reference with others and achievements holding it all together.

I'm curious what your relationship with Strange and Katie is like. Where does Gez fit into the clan?
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Re: Mbti, enneagrams and relationships

Postby IDeerInHeadlightsI » Sat Nov 16, 2019 11:24 am

This is interesting but analysing so many people in my life is just not ayoba.

Instead, as I am bored but with a time limit, I am going to annoyingly spring onto your topic completely avoiding the format I am too lazy to work out.

My dad was introverted, very caring but supremely gullible and enjoyed intellectual pursuit.

My mother is intelligent, sharp, extroverted, likes to get things done and will find a solution to any problem. She is also judgmental.

My best friend is extroverted and happy go lucky whimsical with the eyes of a child. A little ray of sunshine.

My other friend enjoys writing and learning as much information as she can. She is extroverted but extremely temperamental probably with a personality that sits very close to mine.

Friend C is introverted and on the spectrum. Very intelligent, excellent debator and enjoys discussing subjects regarding psychology. He also never goes out his room.

Friend D is silly and spontaneous when he gets out of his mind. He is also incredibly pessimistic, overreacts to anything that he feels he is being attacked on and is rather stoic. He enjoys intellectual pursuit but not conversation around it.

Friend E is in his own world. You can have wonderful conversations with him but most of the time he is silent. When you do one to one interact with him he has a really big heart and cares for those around him deeply even though he never shows it.

Friend F is bubbly and energetic but a little more on the superficial side. Very sweet and caring but not intellectual at all.

My family dynamic is one of intellectual debate. At family gatherings the general discussions will be about some topic someone has brought up and discussion around it. If you do not have good general knowledge, you will find yourself out of the conversation rather quickly.
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