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I have no idea whats wrong with me

I'm fairly certain I have a mental illness but when I look up the things that go on in my head I can't find anything that applies to me. Its hard for me to put into words how I feel but I'll try my best. Most of the time I feel empty, but when I start to think about who I am I have many contradicting thoughts that don't stop for hours. Sometimes it's hard ...
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I woke up to a demon voice telling me to masturbate

On the night of December 21, 2020, I was woken up from my sleep by a demonic sounding voice telling me to masturbate to a woman that I do not like. I resisted the urge, my body was shaking. Then after a few moments, the voice told me to masturbate or else I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep for the rest of the night. After what felt like 2 hours of resisting ...
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Why the hell do families want anything to do with killers?

So I am reading this article

*mod edit*

Can someone for the love of GOD help me comprehend something. Why the hell do families want anything to do with Serial killers or anyone who kills others at all ? They get funerals , graves ... ashes handed out to family members ... OH MY GOD I would take those ashes and throw them into the pits of hell. You want to kill 20 people and ...
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Dealing with a Disturbed Person

Hello, not sure if it is a right place to post this, but I need an advice. A sister of one of my friends is not well. She got gradually got worse in the last 15 years or so. In the past, I didn't have a a lot of interaction with her except from some occasional weird phone calls. However, in the last few months her calls have became more frequent and more bizarre and ...
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Sorry for the inconvenience but I just need to...
I am what my therapist would call a schizoid in development with melancholic temperament.
When I lie, even if it's the smallest lie ever, I feel the urge to correct what I've just said.
I want to cut myself but I don't.
I,like, when I discovered ASPD, started having the paranoia that I had ASPD. I cried everyday even with the contradictions (I love my family, ...
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Effects of a Truman Show life ?


I saw this movie "The Truman Show", and was wondering... what would be the psychological/mental effects if this were to actually happen to someone?
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My mental disorders

Hi everyone it's my first post here. I would like to share my mental disorders just to clarify I have never been at psychiatrist my parents never send me there, in my country is weird when someone needs to go there. I was struggling with mental illness most of my life but l learn how to deal with it. Now I am adult I am married and have a child and starting to think that ...
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Narcissistic Personality Disorder


I'm wondering if I am a narcissist? I watched the entire video and realize I have most of the symptoms.

I don't have too much empathy for other people and I'm very selfish.

What do you guys think?
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Looking for Advice: Crawling out of Homelessness

Hey all. Long time member. Long time non poster lol.

To spare about three hours to details, I have found myself in a pretty crap position. In August 2019 I went into psychoses and despite a "support" group of 6 family members, an 80+ year old psychiatrist, and a soon to be ex wife, I bugged out to the middle of woods with no food, water, or shelter in May 2020. I lived on top ...
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Failure to reach goals


My life has been pretty much stagnant for the last ten years. I haven't achieved much and I still have the same goals I had ten years ago that I still didn't do.

There's been a little bit of progress, but mostly it's been 1 step forward, 2 steps backwards.

I've tried making schedules, weekly or daily goals, deadlines, To-do lists; I tried different apps or strategies (marking days on the calendar, setting daily ...
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