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Depression Medication & Gaining Weight

Hello Brothers & Sisters

I hope you make it a great weekend.
I've been diagnosed with depression since I was 14, and now I'm 33.
( Efexor.Xr 150 mg + Serpass 100 mg + Apexidone 0.5 mg ) are my medication right now.
Any suggestions for losing all weight I've gained while using this kind of medication that are really working with me and I don't want to change them?
My sugar glucose test ...
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Why is this bothering me so much?

Just for reference, I am a male in my early 30's. Since the summer I have started to work on several issues from my childhood that I had been ignoring for a long time. Part of this process has been talking to my mother, who was my primary caregiver as a child.

One of my issues is that she was incredibly cheap to a ridiculous extent and this affected me in several different ways. During ...
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Attachment disorder


I have developed an attachment to my best friend who is now in a new relationship.

I am struggling with accepting him as I feel he is taking up all of her time and I am constantly fighting for her attention.

I message her constantly now and have to be in constant contact with her and if i dont hear from her i freak out thinking that she is abandoning me, If i dont ...
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Anger about other people's behavior

Hi all,
first excuse me if my topic is in the wrong place. i`m not a native english speaker. i`m male and 40 yeras old and living in Belgium. I have the following problem wich bothers me a lot: I constantly get upset about the behavior of other people and want to address them. For example, my 5 year old son and I ride bikes. He falls over on his bike in a parking lot. ...
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Can anyone help provide an explanation to 2 phenomena I expe

1) Say there is an apple in front of me. If I attempt to think about the apple consciously, I wouldn't be able to produce much thought. My focus would be corrected to an imaginary construct in my mind. This so-called imaginary construct appears consistently when consciously thinking. It is visually rectangular and has a rough texture. However, if I concentrate on removing the construct, I can think more freely.

2) Additionally, I'm not sure ...
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What gives you meaning and drive?

Hi. I never write my thoughts like these anywhere, I look forward to get help! Thank you.

Lately I have a feeling which I cannot resolve, still I try it by reading philosophy, mainly stoicism and writing articles, but my thoughts feel like cant get out of this box, nor can it transform.

One, is that I feel nothing has meaning. I am deeply involved in hermetic studies, and I realized everything is made up ...
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What's Wrong With Me?

I would go for help elsewhere, but my therapist recently got fired and she never really helped me with anything anyways so I'm coming here for help because my insurance is refusing to set me up with a new one and I don't have money for new insurance. I was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder when I was 15. I've had accomodations for learning disabilities in school since I was in 5th grade.

There seems ...
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Altered mental status upon waking?

Does anyone here occasionally wake up to a seemingly less stable mental state? That happens to me on occasion, usually after mildly distressing dreams right before slipping from sleep to nominal wakefulness.

This morning, particularly marked. Not wanting to get up today. Want to stay curled up, not face anything. Least of all my decrepit self. Even more least of all my responsibilities. I am weak, lazy, and generally dense. Also my mind is showing ...
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Stigma in Mental Illness but not in Physical Diseases

Why is there so much stigma in mental illness but not in physical diseases? If someone has Cancer, they receive support, sympathy, care, love, etc. But when someone has a mental illness, they get bullied, targeted, shamed, ostracized, deprecated, etc. It makes ZERO sense. Something REALLY does NOT add up in this defacto standard of the way things are.
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How do you be nice?

How to be nice when everything sucks and you feel like a raging b**** all the time but you can't seem to help it. When things that happened in like 5th grade still haunt you or bother you and hurt you.

When you can't forgive, and you see other people do it and tell you to do it, but your mind can't seem to do that, because the hurt is so unbearable?

-- Fri Aug ...
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