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i don't know what is wrong with me?

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i don't know what is wrong with me?

Postby tinamir92 » Fri May 09, 2014 1:24 pm

hey everyone. i'm 22. well i don't know how to start. my life seems so complicated that i have started to not care about anything anymore. i'm studying right now and my life is ok. i have wonderful parents and everything i need. but lately something that worries me is that i don't care about things i used to care. something in my head tells me that don't care.
well i guess that i've been under too much pressure in the past year that mind is tired!
well i used to care about my studies. now i don't. i don't even have stress that if i fail my exam i will be ruined. i don't study at all. i don't care.
second problem: i used care too much about my body and appearance. now i don't. i used to workout and eat healthy but now i just eat junk food and i will be fat soon. i was a healthy eater and i used to workout and cared about everything. but now all i think about is ice-cream and chocolate. the thing is that me not caring ABOUT my body and weight bothers me. i used to have something in my head that told me things to care about but it seems that it's been shut off.
i never had a relationship with a boy,causal ones yes but no romantic and serious. i wanted to have a boyfriend so hard but now i don;t care about that anymore. this thing got me so depressed of for two weeks that i realized it's not worth it. i was desperate but it went away.
i just can't convince myself to study and start eating healthy and workout. all i do is coming home sleeping watching a movie then sleep and go to work and school next morning. my social life is a mess too since my classmates are all rivals and not friends.
but the thing is that i don;t know how to get myself to care! i care about nothing! nothing! even the things that mattered to me the most. i have become an emotionless and careless person. how can i solve that?
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Re: i don't know what is wrong with me?

Postby IWannaBeATurtle » Sun May 11, 2014 5:12 am

It's entirely possible that you are suffering from some sort of depression. I'd highly recommend you see a doctor or a therapist about this.

I can entirely empathize with the feeling of not giving a damn about anything - it's not fun at all. But bombing all your exams has repurcussions, and it'd be terrible if you screwed up your life due to apathy.

Hope you feel better :D
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