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Sadness during Sex (tw)

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Sadness during Sex (tw)

Postby Kdoc » Sat Dec 31, 2016 5:35 pm

Sometimes when I have sex with my husband, I start to feel incredibly sad and depressed. I cry uncontrollably and want to die. I feel fine afterwards. I think it must be a hormonal thing because I love and trust my husband and do start out wanting to have sex with him. I'm just not sure if the sadness and stuff is hormonal or if it is from past trauma resurfacing. Does anyone else experience intense sadness during sex?
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Re: Sadness during Sex (tw)

Postby Echinacea » Sun Jan 01, 2017 10:44 am

I can relate yes
I knew a guy for 9 years (online gaming) and one year we both decided we should meet as we were both single at that time and see if our connection to each other was as powerful friendship/relationship as it is in game and our online life.

Well, fast forward...

We ofc i liked each other but the sexual chemistry wasn't there so the disappointment i felt was devastating as i only realized this half way through and i started to cry ..was a very emotional time. it was like my dreams had been shattered,

For me thinking about it know, it was the build up of my expectations of how i hope things would go and then them not being what i had dreamed up in my head.

Utter disappointment, Very emotional experience definately
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