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Girlfriend with orgasm issues

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Girlfriend with orgasm issues

Postby Psyrebro » Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:51 am

Hello, my first post here, I found this site in search of some words of wisdom about her sexuality and inability to really orgasm, it will be a bit of a long read.

Anyways, it's not that she really can't orgasm, she can with clitoral stimulation, but it takes A LOT to make her orgasm, no mater how hard I try. We have been together for a year and she never experienced vaginal orgasm (I am her first). I am quite sure she can do it, but it seems she has some insecurities about herself, and just can't relax for some reason, even for clitoral orgasm, let alone vaginal.
I'm starting to think there are some deeper issues and that's what worries me. When she was like 5 years old or so, she got into masturbation and lesbian sex (tribbing) with another girl of her age, even more than one girl (group masturbation and similard things) and said on more than one occasion that tribbing is like "the best" and she could come in matter of seconds etc. Basically they would use anything they could to rub against, and it continued for like 4 years...

They stopped in 3rd grade, after a mom of her friend found out. They were religious lot so the girl kept telling her its bad, naughty, they shouldn't do it, refused her and they stopped.

She had rape fantasies even then as a little girl, and our relationship has some instances of that where she likes to simulate rape and rough sex. I think that part is actually quite normal.
Basically what I'm getting at is that I'm afraid it's possible all of that exploration and what not might have screwed up her sexuality a bit. She is very interested in having sex with a girl again, but she isn't attracted to them in a way that she could have a relationship. It doesn't really gel with me, I would think of it as cheating iether way, girl or a man. And It would be okay only under conditions that it's all three of us, which she doesn't think is fair, cause she is a girl and she should be able to have sex with another man then.

Anyways, I am wondering if any of you have had similar experiences, or some psychological knowledge to be able to decipher what is happening here. I know she is relatively insecure person, her thoughts wander sometimes and it's natural. I just can't get her to relax, even after talking and listening for hours. Assuring her it's natural and she will be able to do it shen she feels like it etc.
I thought some marijuana might help relax her but she refuses to smoke. I'm out of ideas, and have seriously been thinking suggesting her to just, go to a psychologist not because she is crazy or something, but only to talk to someone who actually has experience in dealing with these kinds of things.
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