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No orgasm in over a year

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No orgasm in over a year

Postby NicoletteCB » Tue Oct 20, 2015 12:07 am

A year ago I used to be able to orgasm vaginally/penetrably. A lot of people say that most woman cannot orgasm vaginally just from penetration but for me it's the opposite. I barely get any pleasure masturbating clitorally but vaginally I used to have such amazing, deep pulsing orgasms. Anyway so a year ago I was able to orgasm like that except one night I had a bad thought before masturbating that caused me anxiety and I went ahead and decided to masturbate anyway. Btw I masturbated with a clean hairbrush handle but so I went ahead and I felt like I was close to the edge but everything stopped. Since then I tried and tried to orgasm again but I haven't been able to. I have an anxiety disorder which sometimes bothers me but I've tried to relax and put my mind off of it when masturbating but I can't get those wonderful intense orgasms back.

I still feel sensitive and some stimulation/pleasure when penetrating myself but I can't orgasm. They used to feel like soft waves going up to my belly. Anyway I don't know what to do. I went to a doctor who looked on the outside of my vaginal opening and she said it doesn't appear like I have any infections or blockages that would be hurting me. I just feel like I'll never orgasm again and I'm only 18. I know someone's gonna suggest for me to try my clitoras but I've never orgasmed from it and honestly I don't get any pleasure from it.
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Re: No orgasm in over a year

Postby The_Ghoul » Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:30 pm

You are thinking about it too much. Relax and enjoy the experience, get back in the habit of letting your mind flow with it rather than being so goal-oriented about it. Hope this helps , good luck <3
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