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Arousal back after 15 years

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Arousal back after 15 years

Postby JackieO » Sat Mar 07, 2015 4:21 am

Hey guys so I'm a 28 year old male. I've been on drugs most of my life for chronic mental illness, ugh it's been a rough ride. Schizoaffective stuff. Anyways I slowly weened off of a benzo I was taking for almost a decade with my docs approval and bam I'm getting aroused all the time like a legitimate sex drive for the first time since I was 16. Wow so I'm masturbating a lot and looking at a lot of porn and honestly its getting frustrating I feel it's a nuisance and its all I think about. I just don't know what's normal for my age, I really don't. I was hoping some other men in there late 20's or in there 30's could reassure that this is all kosher, that's this is normal, you know? Let me know cuz I kinda feel like a huge perv masturbating all the time but yet I really don't know what's normal for my age to be quite honest. Thanks bros. Btw, I probably do it like twice a day so yeah not a joke just really kinda out of my element here. Thanks.
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Re: Arousal back after 15 years

Postby Ada » Fri May 01, 2015 10:05 am

I've just come across this. Very late answer. :roll: If you wanted more answers, you could perhaps come and post in sexual-disorder/ Which is a good place for random sex questions. :D

My non scientific opinion. Noting I don't have a penis of my own. But anyway for what it's worth. I think twice a day is completely fine. Especially after a long drought. Porn is also completely fine in moderation. Just watch out for it becoming compulsive. "I have to wank because it's 7pm. I always masturbate before bed / in the shower." And perhaps try to stay away from "edging." That is getting close to orgasm but then backing off over and over. It's fun with a partner! On your own, I personally think it's part of what causes people to need more and more extreme porn to get off.

The line between healthy fun and unhealthy compulsion. Is different for each person. As long as you aren't putting off other activities in your life. Especially social ones. In order to stay home and masturbate. Then it's probably OK. I hope that seems funny to even read. :D But some people do. They put off work or sleep or any social life at all. And that's very much where the problem lies.

One great advantage of a long downtime. Is that you probably have a super sensitive cock now. :D Treasure that! Sorry for the lecture again. :lol: Make sure you're using different grips. Lube from time to time. Changes in speed and rhythm. Some guys stick to one "death grip." And squeeze the life out of their boner. You can read more about that in the Erectile Dysfunction forum. Not a problem you're going to have. But worth bearing in mind. In case you've not heard of this before. So you get the full benefit out of getting your libido back finally.
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