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medical alert systems

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medical alert systems

Postby christy1 » Wed Oct 28, 2020 7:54 am

I had an accident a few months ago when I was alone at home. I was in the middle of cleaning my kitchen; my phone rang, and I ran to attend the call, but I slipped and fell, dislocating my shoulder, and my ankle was also in pain. I couldn't move for about 2 hours as I was in a numb state. Somehow I got up and reached the phone to get medical help. Help only arrived home after half an hour or so. I was in recovery for almost four months. Ever since then, my husband calls me every hour when he was at work. I decided to check for alternative options for getting medical help if something ever happens again. I searched online and came across several medical alert systems . As I am new to this and am not familiar with which to buy, has anyone bought such alert systems before? Could someone help and advise me on which to buy and what all to look out for?
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