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Coping with my health issue

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Coping with my health issue

Postby GreenTree2017 » Sun May 07, 2017 9:56 pm

Hi, there! I decided to post here cause I don’t know what actually to do in my situation. I had a surgery in my womb nearly 2 years ago. At first, everything was ok. I had my periods. They usually came in time and didn’t cause much pain. However, nearly 5 months ago I started to have first problems. I started to have some delays between my cycles. In addition, I started to feel some pain during my periods. (I didn’t use to have any pain earlier.) All these things made a little bit worried and I visited my gyny. The ultrasound check up didn’t reveal anything special. She asked me to do hysteroscophy. The doctor who examined me told me that I had tough synechias inside my uterus. Actually, he diagnosed me with Asherman’s syndrome. This tough synechias does cause much pain. In addition, they don’t let menstrual blood get off my body. This is the main reason why I have delays between my cycles. Asherman’s syndrome also causes infertility. My hubby and I have been ttc for nearly 6 months. Of course, I didn’t get pregnant during this time. My doctor says that the best solution for me is to have a surgery that would remove all those synechias. She says that they would put a coil inside me and I would have to take hormone medicines. This treatment course may give a good effect. However, 28% of women who was diagnosed with Asherman’s syndrome get synechias back. Of course, my desire to get rid of my synechias is rather big. I would get through the surgery soon, I think. However, I would also ask another woman (a surrogate mum) to carry and give birth to the child for me and my hubby. We plan to use my oocytes and his sperm, so it will be our child, but another woman would give a birth to him. I just don’t want to risk. My sister and mom say that I shouldn’t be in a hurry with such decision. Maybe, it’s better to experience a surgery, take all necessary medications and then decided what to do further… Are they really right?
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