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Can you be aware of an epileptic fit?

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Can you be aware of an epileptic fit?

Postby Hobbit2017 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:38 pm

I suffer terribly from faint spells, sometimes resulting in actual collapse.

My last actual collapse i called the nhs as i fell backwards, was stiff and my whole body was jerking uncontrollably. I could still see, but i had no control over my body at all. I was quite emotional when i came round through fear more than anything else. It was marked down as syncope/collapse. The doctor i seen at the hospital said it was a non epileptic seizure.

These jerky movements are not new and happen frequently.
During faint spells where i dont fall - i still jerk, i am very breathless, i feel very spacey and unable to communicate. I often grunt as it starts and when i am able to speak again, my speech is very slurred. To the point it is noticeable to others - my friend knows if i have just had a spell when im talking.
I am sometimes able to put myself down to the ground when i feel it coming, othertimes it comes on too strong for me to react and i have to grab onto something or just wind up falling. I have recently smacked my head resulting in a large bump and cut through almost falling. I grabbed the closest thing which was the radiator. It was burning my hand but i didnt have any control to remove it. When i did get control back, as i turned,i went lightheaded again and fell forward. That was when i smacked my head off the corner of the doorframe.

The doctors dont seem concerned at all but it is causing me injury and my children are actually worried when i am home alone incase i am injured because of it. My 12 year old worries quite a bit about it
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