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Wanting To Change My Life

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Wanting To Change My Life

Postby RobHowdle » Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:17 am

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and well this kind of topic in general really so please bare with me. I'm 21, I'm a smoker and have an awful diet. Let me tell you a bit about myself, I used to play rugby religiously every week, played for many years and was generally quite healthy until I hit my teen years. My teen years came about and at around 13 years old I started choosing what I ate, telling my family that I wasn't eating all of the vegetables, meats etc that they would eat. Obviously as any teenager I seemed arguments just for the fun of it and it often ended up me choosing not to eat, if I couldn't eat what I wanted then I wouldn't eat.

Moving on a few years to around 15-16 years old I started hanging out with a large group of people of all ages, we just hung around listened to music and most of the time get told to move on by police from where we sat. I picked up smoking. None of my family are smokers, well I say that my cousins all smoke but I rarely see them. So there wasn't anything on that side of my life that was a major influence in me starting. Typically I thought it was cool to start smoking.

Fast forward to about 18 years old, I got kicked out and moved into a house share. I was living with about 4 stoners who influenced me to try weed. Wasn't really a fan of it so I went to alcohol. Spent a year drinking and that year is a bit of a blank to me now. Since then my diet has pretty much consisted of junk food. Hundreds of energy drinks a week, Coca-Cola, Lucazade, Monster, Rockstar etc.

21 now and my diet hasn't really change but I seem to be suffering now, I have dermatitis (all the dry patchy skin all over my head and face) my teeth are awful, holes at the top of my K9's failed fillings in my back teeth and now my front teeth have become wobbly, I was recently released from hospital after battling pneumonia and pharyngitis.

I don't eat vegetables because I think they taste awful and they make me want to throw up, I don't like to eat anything which gives my body vitamins that it needs basically and I really want to turn my life around. I want to start eating healthy and I'm willing to give all this healthy eating, stopping smoking and cutting out the sugar and stuff so I think that's part one, having the mind set of wanting to do it.

Why am I doing this? Well I am a musician and I liked to live the " rock n roll " life style so to speak and that was fine with me up until now. I'm in a committed relationship with a beautiful woman who has a child and it's change my whole life around I want to be around to have my own family one day and after coming out of hospital and being told that if I keep up my current diet and lifestyle I won't be around to see that.

Any advice and tips of how I can start to change my life around would be much appreciated

Thanks a lot
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Re: Wanting To Change My Life

Postby birdsong87 » Wed Apr 27, 2016 8:51 pm

you are talking a whole lot of changes at once.
maybe split them up and write down steps, little goals.

when it comes to food... taste depends on habits. meaning that if you are used to sugary, salty, highly processed food everything else will taste like nothing for a while. taste buds do recover, it doesnt take years. maybe you have to fake it until you feel it.

one way to learn new habits in a less "radical" way than trying to change it all at once is using the "perfect day". just pick one day a week where you do everything exactly as you want to do it for the future. it feels good to be able to keep it up for at least a day. then slowly new habits can seep into the rest of the week. (though this is hard to do with smoking...)

with great changes like you aim for its always good to have a vision. a picture you can hold in your head that shows you were you want to go, who you want to become. it helps to imagine that in detail, even to write it down as a reminder and encouragement.

maybe ask a buddy to hold you accountable for your actions and goals.

a vision can be a motivator. fear can be another. if you have fears about your health dont let them overwhelm you, you are young and hopefully you havent damaged your body permanently yet. but take those fears seriously and keep them in mind. some of them can help you reach your goals.

hope that helps a little
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