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Cardio and fat loss

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Cardio and fat loss

Postby Sam2326 » Sat Oct 11, 2014 4:39 am

So cardio burns fat. Big deal. We're always burning fat, even once we sit watching TV. It's all a matter of just how much fat we burn. But while fat burning cardio has been promoted as the best way to lose inches, research and experience shows it isn't.

Actually, there are a lot of myths about cardio and weight reduction, so let's have a look at why you're better off doing less exercise for more results.

We'll have a look at the fat burning zone, workout time,

Myth: Exercising in the fat burning zone is most beneficial if you want to lose belly fat

The fat burning zone is the greatest joke in the fitness industry. Now you might have heard of it and you may even have used a machine that had a fat burning cardio zone program on it, but I guarantee you slow cardio is not the best way to lose body fat.

Based on the fat burning zone, it states you will burn the maximum percentage of fat at a reasonable intensity degree of cardio. And while that is TRUE, it neglects the fact that you would burn more calories and more total fat by exercising at a tougher pace.

Plus, other research from Australia has discovered that slow cardio doesn't work very well for burning belly fat, while interval training (a group of hard bursts of exercise followed closely by super easy exercise) works really well for losing stomach fat.

All of this shows us that the fat burning zone is not just a place we should spend a lot of time. All things considered, most of us have jobs, family, friends, Facebook, and our favorite TV suggests that would have been a much better usage of our time.

Kick the fat burning zone to the curb.

Myth: You must workout for an hour each day

Nonsense. The key to weight reduction is diet, not marathon workouts. At best, really a fit young person could burn 1000 calories in an hour, and that might be one of many hardest workouts they ever did. But most people would be lucky to accomplish 500 calories within an hour.

On another hand, a Big Mac contains over 540 calories, and a supersized McDonald's meal contains about 1200 calories. And you are able to eat that in about 7 minutes. Whilst you can see, you can't out-train a negative diet.

Focus on eating whole, natural foods and you won't need to invest your entire leisure time in the gym.

Myth: You must do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to lose fat.

Not true. Listen, it doesn't matter whenever you exercise. All that matters is that you exercise consistently, and more importantly, you eat fewer calories than you'll need using a whole, natural foods diet.

That's the fastest solution to burn belly fat. That said, working out in the morning is a superb idea, as it can help you be more consistent and stick to your program better. But there's nothing magical about cardio in the morning.

So hopefully I've simplified the complexities of cardio. The bottom line is that it is over-rated for weight reduction, and you might be spending your own time with your pals or family instead. Sure cardio burns fat, but interval training - found in Turbulence Training - and diet take action better.

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