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Parasites / cognitive process to keeping them around

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Parasites / cognitive process to keeping them around

Postby gangli0n » Fri Nov 27, 2020 4:37 pm

So I understand that up to 80%-90% of people are infected by some form of parasite.

Got me thinking, this can be widely related to mental illness and neurodegenerative disease/other physical problems.

What are your thoughts on this?

Side note, what is it with people exposing others to and themselves to prolonged parasitic exposure if and when there are easy treatments to the parasitic problem?

For example.

I was 10 years old -- before I had internet to Google such exposures or even reached puberty to cognitively define exposures to parasites

I vacationed with a classmate and her family at their lakehouse a few hours away. Upon going to sleep, the grandmother says, "we have bugs do you care?" Not understanding there are bugs that feed off your blood and you can take home with you. Obviously the polite and naive thing to say is "no i do not" even though having a bad thought about that... who would want to sleep near bugs?

We're ALL sleeping upstairs, parents and kids, and all through the night we're all scratching our legs and bodies.

So, knowing I went home with bed bugs, they go home with bed bugs. My lovely family does nothing about the issue (I doubt theirs did either) and one of my brother's friends Mom brought it to my mother's attention and no longer stayed over or him there.

Apparently this issue went on to me seeing a dermatologist at 12 with bleeding pimple-like sores on my scalp leaving with a prescription of doxycycline, and I dont know how long after (clearly I dont live at home

My mom's the type of person to leave me starving as a young kid (oh yay it's summer...) and feed me hunting meat out of the freezer with worms in it. I know better not to eat it, but I'm starving my ass off as a 5 year old kid in a dark room in front of the usual re-runs, and if this is the only food we have in the house that you yourself won't eat, just drink more beer and be a total piece of garbage that tells other mothers no, we don't have bed bugs, do you think we're poor and gross

So I understand this isn't an ego related issue when neglecting to handle a simple problem, even if people like her try to make it out to be. But my difficulty in understanding this, if you are an adult that has your own lifelong home, and know about a problem such as bedbugs, and plan to buy new furniture that will continue to get infected by them, and you know you're going to be alone in your home, what is the point in letting the problem manifest itself where you're literally inevitably hurting yourself? She clearly was in financial means to take care of the issue. I can't understand:

How are you getting off on spreading an infection of parasites? Is it like, oh i have to deal with it, now all these people do and it fancies the sadistic side of me? The glee it brings me? I dont understand, why live with it yourself if you can easily identify and work to treat the problem instead of live with it?

Which by the way, I went to my pcp upon leaving that house at 18 and told him I know I'm infected by worms, which some people can live with and that's fine for them but I cannot, and he prescribed me vermix. I still think it's the core of my "mental health" problems and physical problems a decade later, hence making this thread. I've read prescribing this can exasperate the issue. Ah, I'm just so bipolar. Everyone's bipolar, even if we don't meet the criteria for the cycling of the disorder. Patient (self) enters ER with confusion and headaches. ER on call doc orders a CT scan. CT shows huge markers for white matter changes to brain from prior MRI imaging performed a year earlier. Diagnosis: migraines. In actuality patient has occasional tension headaches, and in the proceeding months from the CT, develops multiple instances of swelling in the legs and greater confusion, leading to an involuntary mental health hospitalization. Psych brings up white matter changes in the CT from the MRI, does recommend a neuro, but states: "the differentiation is probably due to bipolar 1 disorder." Interesting. Another "Which, by the way..., I'm not heading into the ER shouting (in general) or telling everyone or anyone I think I have a parasite. Should I be doing that instead of calmly watching the TV in the ER room I'm in and wanting to sleep? I denied another CT scan and got angry the 4th time they came in my room and woke me up requesting me pay to get one under the inclination that I hit my head. No, I didn't hit my head. Yes, I understand why you want to do another scan on my head. I raised my voice to the final team on "patient hit her head", bam! A few hours later, sign this form to acknowledge involuntary stay next door at Mental Health. Just where I need to be in the midst of a pandemic. Oh, funny thing in the ER discharge papers, "patient denies events." So, you think i severely hit my head so badly that I could have hemorrhaging etc and send me to mental health. That's hilarious!
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