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Is this guy potentially dangerous?

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Is this guy potentially dangerous?

Postby lifecrisis » Fri Aug 16, 2019 11:40 am

The other day I was studying on campus nicely seated on a study table by myself. A guy skips a few tables and sits in front of me.

(Please don't be racist/judgemental/bigoted ) This guy had an attire of a prototypical muslim man and a beard and is from the same subcontinent I am from. I was born muslim, but now I've turned to more pagan religions and I also am fascinated by witchcraft.

He's sort of attractive though in a weird way.

He sat in front of me, and asked me for a pen. Which I gave to him. When I went to get up and asked him to look after my things, he made a joke. I returned and thanked him and made a joke in regards to his earlier joke to which he started a conversation with me in regards to what exam I'm studying for.

He told me he doesn't go here but is in law school but is also studying for an exam.

We opened up to eachother a little, and it ended up being slightly playful and flirtacious. We both made attempts at reading one another. And randomly out of the blue he asked me (this isn't weird in my culture btw), "so when are you planning on getting married?" To which I said "I don't know, whenever I find someone I guess." We also ended up talking about women's roles to which he stated that women's priorities should be on their families to which I replied, that's wonderful but this economy probably wouldn't sustain a family with one person working.

He also ended up talking about how he used to be a rapper and how he left that lifestyle for a healthier lifestyle that he's living now. And would often say "I'll convince you out of it" or "I wouldn't let you do that" as if he plans to be in my life whenever I tell him of my plans to do psyilocybin mushrooms one day. And he really dislikes my swearing (I say $#%^ sometimes and make really crude jokes).

I tried to keep it light but I also tried to keep it interesting and be friendly.

And he would blush at many things I said or did. Things I wouldn't do on purpose. He went home later than he said he would, and also got on my bus just so he could spend time with me longer and then reach a subway station and go home.

So I go home and think this man is such an innocent man and we plan to study together the next day.

The next day, I sit with him in the same study table. And then comes this new psychoanalysis of me "you're really innocent, its just the world has made you this way" crap. When I replied, he's like want to go to a study area where not many people would hear us. I'm like sure and we go to the building he knows of, and end up in a class room by ourselves together.

We end up opening up more to eachother but sometimes when I'd do anything that would make him blush, I wouldn't really mind it because I knew he wouldn't really do anything other than stare at me so I would on purpose keep on doing whatever it was that made him blush. All I had to do was stare at him. He also claimed he never had sexual intercourse or did anything sexual with anyone (But I don't entirely believe him looking back)

But slowly it started with him squeezing my cheeks to him trying to tickle me to him touching my neck. I constantly ended up telling him not to tickle me or touch my waist or try and feel my skin but he would beg and end up feeling me up anyways.

He would touch my neck, keep his hands there (I wouldn't say no to that though). And say things like I like the look on your face when I do something to you you weren't expecting or when you're breathless.

When a janitor came by, he stopped and said, I wouldn't want anyone else to see you react that way, now would I?

So then I gave him a rundown of the type of girls he likes given his MBTI type (he's an INFJ and thus usually would prefer NFP traits that is playful, expressive, vulnerable) and it made him feel kind of weird but told me how correct I was. I also told him he should go on a muslim dating site and that's how my friend got married and he should as well. In response he gave me a speech about how I make him feel like a labrat and he's a human with emotions and he wants to get to know me without labels.

Ohh and he was skipping class for me.

He tried to touch my waist area, neck area some more until I got really uncomfortable and he backed away. To which while I was trying to study, he stared at me for a really long time and reply "well you gave me permission to look at you." (I was joking)

Soon I tried to leave and say I had to go to a review session to which he tried to make me stay longer and started touching me again and said "I'll be frank with you, you're really pretty and it's not my fault, I'm feeling this way." His eyes got really red.

Eventually, the janitor came and said he'd lock the door soon. We left and he told me to pretend like this never happened.

While we started walking to leave, he went back and asked the janitor, and he said the rooms would be open until 10.

(I don't know if the janitor lied to get me out of the situation or I misunderstood something. )

He leaves and I think to myself and remember where I could've seen this person. This guy was my friend's uber-eats delivery man a week or two ago. After delivering her sushi, he studied right behind us and my friend thought it was really weird that her uber-eats delivery man just happened to study behind us.

Also, he asked me if I had "black" friends? And then asked if they were mixed? And my friend does look mixed(she's not though).

I'm really creeped out. I think I also caught him in a lie. What should I do?
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