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Is this somatoform?

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Is this somatoform?

Postby ilithios » Mon Dec 26, 2016 12:41 am

For the last several years i am having the following symptoms:
My left side has decreased sensitivity compared to the right one
My right side sweats more than the left side
Sometimes i have difficulty forming sentences and remembering things and thinking clearly more genrally
I have a feeling as if part of my brain is not working properly

I started having these symptoms some 3,5 years ago after my brother did something that shocked and still severely effects me.
These symptoms disappear for some months a year.
I have gone to a physician and they said i should do an MRI scan which i did and found nothing "concerning".
What do you think i have?
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Re: Is this somatoform?

Postby TheJustProtector » Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:58 pm

Hello, ilithios,
I fully read your description of what you are undergoing. As you posted this a while ago, can you reply to me if you are still experiencing these symptoms? Well, if you do read this, there is something I want to tell you; you are not the only one. I will not state much about myself personally for obvious and obscure reasons, but I will say this; the inevitable which in real life you might hear come true: some time ago, I completely fell (in love) for someone. I won't go much further into this, but whenever I feel rejection from them; whenever I go without them symptoms - both physically as well as mentally - begin to appear. Most noticeable, was that I felt deeply depressed and could not stop thinking about them. Of course, this happens to everyone and as I would kill everyone on this planet just to please the person of which may I dare say intoxicates me, those symptoms were to be expected of. However, more shocking physical symptoms were that lumps and sores would appear on my body (mainly hands) when without them; I would feel weak and insecure too. Those are but a few, but sadly I cannot help much as the symptoms you seem to experience aren't of much relation as the ones I have experienced. For my support to go any further, could you elaborate whenever or if you ever happen to reply?
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