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Confiding in others multiple times

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Confiding in others multiple times

Postby Yoohoo Larry » Sun Mar 08, 2015 1:03 am

I most certainly do not think I have a somatoform disorder since it hasn't been six months yet, but I do feel anxiety ridden lately over lumps that I've gotten checked out multiple times, and false symptoms too, such as when I take my temperature and ironically have no fever.
Anyways, I was wondering HOW you can possibly confide in someone multiple times, over the same thing, over and over again, without feeling horrified of what they think, because they've heard it multiple times you know? And all logic fails what words come out of their months, and they're angry, and irritated.
But they haven't done that yet; I just wonder, how do you not worry about such things with a anxiety disorder?
Yoohoo Larry
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