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Numb ~ deprive of feeling or responsiveness.

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Numb ~ deprive of feeling or responsiveness.

Postby relief94 » Tue Aug 27, 2019 6:50 pm

Hello trichmembers of psychforum, it's unlike me to share my thoughts freely because I don't know what I feel, or what the hell I'm supposed to feel when I'm making progress. I'm pulling less for a longer period of time than before. I'm making great progress no one else knows about though I've been through pain. Actually, I meant hell. Honestly, am I supposed to feel thrilled about this when no one can understand trich? I don't see myself being patted on the back by someone who doesn't know what trich is, so why would I want them to congratulate me, when trich is my secret. Yet I feel conflicted, it's as if I'm in an intermediate state right now. I have for the longest time been through an emotional rollercoaster... then I turn around and see nothing but an empty and vaste landscape. At least I controlled my anxiety when I pulled - now I don't have to put up a lot of effort but why is the state I'm in still not freeing? I'm just not pleased with my amazing progress, because I'm numb and that's the way things are. I wish I knew meditation as a way to be my own salvation.
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