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Wanting to become a girl

An open discussion on trans gender.

Wanting to become a girl

Postby Irish Guy » Sun Jun 12, 2016 5:49 am

Hello, I' m a man of 22, and since let's say a few years I'm thinking about becoming a girl.
I 'm not sure yet if I'm too influenced by the Wachowski filmography.
Maybe it's a phantasm...that's some people advice, and maybe they're right. But I'm thinking about it more and more, and its almost a torture, I sometimes cry because I feel like I will never be really happy if I don't change definitively.
When I see girls together in real life or fictions (not porn --, just in stories where it's not a big deal or the principal subject in balance at all, like Steven Universe or Life is Strange for example) I feel envious, sad being like I am, feeling this is not me inside. It's just that I feel touched, like there is a tenderness, something almost holy in that to me, that I don't feel with hetero couples. I'm drawing comic strips and of course the main characters are mostly girls with a lack of confidence.
I put girl clothes sometimes and feel a bit more happy, but knowing there is a tiny problem between my legs is always depressing when I do that.
I'v tried to date men but now I think I'm sure that I prefer girls.
So the idea is to become a woman and a lesbian.

I wanted to ask questions about women once men who were in my situation, but I remind you I don't know much about it so these questions are very naive, please don't be offended if I ask something that seems obvious.

-Are the operation really efficient, meaning there is not much risk of complications while you're aging (I think not but anyway)?

-Do you feel pleasure with your new sex you would say probably as a woman born woman?

-I guess my situation is not rare, but I don't know many people to talk about it who know stuff on the subject. Do you have some advices?

Thank you and sorry if it was a bit long.
Irish Guy
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