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An open discussion on trans gender.


Postby ScarletSorrowfulRose » Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:09 am

My name's Scarlet. First thing's first, yes I am trans but I find the terms like 'mtf' and 'ftm' kind of problematic. I am not an MtF trans person, I am a trans girl and for most situations: a girl. Anyway, mini rant over, if you want someone to talk to or rant to about dysphoria and systematic transphobia, my Skype is always open and therefore I can rant back if needed. I have always found that knowing other trans people and just being able to talk about stuff extremely helpful. My Skype name is Scarlet Valkyrie. About the name, I should mention it is actually to please a few different people. I do have DID so if you talk it may not always be me responding.

Anyway, if anyone is struggling with trans stuff or dysphoria or depression or self harm or DID, I don't mind talking if you find it helpful.

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