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An open discussion on trans gender.


Postby pl66 » Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:49 pm

I do not even know were to begin. Ever since I realized who I am, things just started happening that are just beyond my control. I have feeling I will end up as a paragraph in some medical textbooks and my brain will fill in a jar in one of the labs. I am sorry these things will be very intimate. I will try to describe them as best as I can.

Something happened to my body at age 40. My sex drive just disappeared, my sperm volume got so low that is embarrassing. My wife and I, we tried to have a child and we were successful with professional help. But as you can imagine, every marriage has problems, arguments etc and we just drifted apart. But no matter what we still love each other. That’s why I just could not keep information about who I am just to myself. Well, she heard what she wanted to hear. Whatever is in you head is your problem, child needs a father, act as man in front of my family. However, I noticed that her attitude towards me has changed. She really tries to help. But this might be even too much for her.

In last couple weeks, I was able to figure out my male and female personalities. And I have to say female seems to be more natural. Male is kind an artificial, that was just protecting me from doing any harm to myself. Sometimes I feel like something in the middle. One of those days when I felt very feminine, I was thinking how I would help my wife to feel like a woman again. On some basic level I understand what female needs are during intercourse. So I decided to put myself in her body and figure out how I would like to be kissed, touched etc. I got instantly aroused and things started happening…my body responded in the way I could never ever believe. The feeling of being aroused moved inside my body. Initially in lover section of my belly. Then it started traveling up. I started feeling some hot tiny spots on my chest. Pulsating clusters of tiny dots. They just started appearing out of nowhere. More spots. I wanted to stop, but I couldn’t. There literally hundreds of them. I felt roundness on my chest and these clusters of dots were getting narrower in my upper belly area. My whole body started feeling hot, and then there was this flowing pulse of energy from lower section of my belly spreading all over my body. The feeling of the spots on my chest intensified. I felt like my breast reached its fullness and is just about to explode. Hotness and short breath. I felt like I have a vagina and penis inside me. After couple minutes everything calmed down.

It took me couple days to even understand what happened. But wait, there is more. Sensitivity of my chest area changed. My nipples changed! There is no roughness to it, soft and little wider spread. There is a different feeling to it, when I wear t-shirt; it actually feels like I have boobs. My facial hair it’s getting thinner and skin is getting smoother.

Frankly, I am scared. It’s one thing to feel something and dream about it, but now my body reacts to some signals. I believe there is almost no testosterone in my body. Whatever comes out from my penis is very watery. Things like this can happen only if my body produces female hormones.

What is happening to me?
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