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Need advice talking to neurologists

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Need advice talking to neurologists

Postby peaches66 » Mon Jul 01, 2019 4:00 pm

I've been seeing two neurologists who both work together. I think they're very intelligent and I think they have good intentions in finding the root causes of my symptoms.

But I've noticed that they somewhat dismissed my tics when it became evident that I have the ability to suppress them long enough to get through my appointment. I would be tapping my foot, sniffling, wiggling my toes in my shoes. I explained that this is how I suppress them. However I have practically no control over when I suppress them; I'm very nervous around people. They wanted to see my tics and they were hoping I could just "turn it on".

Since this, they're hoping i can produce some video of my tics to show them what I was explaining. But this feels a little defeating, like I'm just validating the symptoms that I'm visiting the doctor for initially.

They told me they don't want to come to any diagnoses yet (after 2 months) because the tics are "self-soothing" and it's inconsistent with TS or tic disorders to have so much control over it. But all the research I've done is telling me the opposite. Has anyone had this problem? Are they dismissing my symptoms because they don't see them?
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