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Escalating tics

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Escalating tics

Postby kaylaweather » Thu Oct 25, 2018 3:21 am

Hi we are new here. My daughter is 20 and has autism, generalized anxiety, and depression as well as tourettes. Her tics and just about gone away for few years. But, within the last 3 months have escalated from eye-blinking to multiple complex motor tics occurring as the same time and can last for 20 minutes. They are very strong and painful for her. Today, they were really bad and caused her to get dizzy.

Unfortunately, the neuro we seen said that there is nothing to be done and didn't want to do any testing to see if there might be something causing them to escalate so quickly. She had these the whole time she was in the office with the doctor. Anyhow, she prescribed her clonidine and wanted to make sure there would not be any interactions with her Lexapro. She didn't talk about the medication, only said that there were side affects. Has anyone had any experience with these medications taken together. She has severe anxiety which causes her tics to get worse.

We have found it very difficult to find specialists that see adults with tourette's. Which amazes me, because it is doesn't always ends when you become an adult. The people in our area do not seem to know much about tourettes. Especially, in the case of adults.

This has had a big impact on her since, she feels like she is being observed in public when she has them. Has anyone else tried other types of alternative treatments like diets or other types. We asked about a diet but she didn't say anything. We have started her on Magnesium, D3, and Zinc supplements.
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